Dean’s Office

Eric Lane* Dean and Eric J. Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Public Service 516-463-5854 Email
Laura Lanzillotta Executive Assistant to the Dean 516-463-5856 Email
Hon. A. Gail Prudenti Executive Director of the Center for Children, Families and the Law and Special Advisor to the Dean 516-463-4068 Email
Andrew Schepard Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Max Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Law 516-463-5890 Email

Academic Records

Dimitrios M. Doussi Assistant Registrar 516-463-5374 Email
Brian T. Kaspar* Assistant Dean for Academic Records and Registrar 516-463-5917 Email

Academic Success

Nicole R. Lefton* Director of Academic Support and Bar Exam Preparation 516-463-4008 Email
John Tsiforas Assistant Director of the Academic Success Program and Visiting Assistant Professor of Academic Support 516-463-6414 Email

Admissions and Financial Aid

Adonza S. Anderson* Interim Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management 516-463-5243 Email
Marielly Gallucci Assistant Director of Enrollment Management 516-463-5916 Email
Ryan Larson Assistant Director of Enrollment Management 516-463-5916 Email
Maricia “Kathy” McCoy Recruiter/Counselor for Enrollment Management 516-463-5916 Email
Megan Meighan Associate Director of Enrollment Management 516-463-5916 Email
Dara Stephens Assistant Director, Student Financial Services 516-463-4619 Email

Career Services

Rachel Andron Director of Public Sector Career Planning 516-463-5024 Email
Elizabeth Carline Director of Career and Professional Development 516-463-5385 Email
Christopher Caruso* Associate Dean for Career Services 516-463-5861 Email
Vernadette Horne Director of Career and Professional Development and Diversity Initiatives 516-463-5387 Email
Daphne E. Telfeyan Assistant Dean for Employer Outreach 516-463-7053 Email
Wendy Chaite Director of Career and Professional Development 516-463-6079 Email

Clinic Programs

Yvonne V. Atkinson Office Manager/Paralegal, Law School Clinical Program 516-463-4734 Email


Tobie-Lynn Accardi Creative Director 516-463-7061 Email
Andrew E. Berman* Assistant Dean for Communications 516-463-4142 Email
Kenneth J. Selvester Associate Director of Communications 516-463-7315 Email
Michael G. Wagner Senior Web Developer 516-463-0391 Email

Events and Facilities

Judith N. Black Director of Special Events and Facilities and CLE Director 516-463-6889 Email

Experiential Programs

Jennifer A. Gundlach* Senior Associate Dean for Experiential Education and Clinical Professor of Law 516-463-4190 Email
Franca Sachs Executive Director of Pro Bono, Externship and Fellowship Programs 516-463-0386 Email

External Relations

Lisa Berman* Associate Dean for External Relations 516-463-4758 Email
Donna Brower Director of Development 516-463-4391 Email
Jodie D. Sperico Senior Director of Alumni Affairs 516-463-6652 Email

Finance and Personnel

Teresa Harrington Operations Manager — Personnel 516-463-5930 Email
Mary T. Ruggilo* Senior Associate Dean for Finance 516-463-7285 Email

Global Initiatives

Samantha R. Hankins Assistant Director of International Law Programs and Multicultural Affairs 516-463-5270 Email
Steven Richman* Senior Director of Global Initiatives 516-463-0417 Email

Information Technology Services/Help Desk

Jessica Backman Assistant Director of Information Technology Services 516-463-4993 Email
Maxwell Biederman Help Desk Analyst 516-463-4794 Email
Scott C. Filipkowski* Director of Information Technology Services
516-463-7328 Email

Law Library

Toni L. Aiello Reference Librarian 516-463-7808 Email
Mary Godfrey-Rickards Reference/Access Services Librarian 516-463-5127 Email
Shikha Gupta Joseph Reference Librarian 516-463-5851 Email
Patricia A. Kasting Reference Librarian 516-463-5905 Email
Rou Chia P. Lin Acquisitions Librarian 516-463-5903 Email
Linda P. Russo Assistant Director for Technical Services 516-463-5904 Email
Courtney Selby* Associate Dean for Information Services, Director of the Law Library & Associate Professor of Law 516-463-5901 Email
Kevin Shelton Reference and Government Documents Librarian 516-463-6150 Email
Lisa A. Spar Assistant Director for Reference and Instructional Services 516-463-5392 Email

Student Affairs

Michele LoFaso Director of Student Affairs 516-463-6067 Email
Lisa Monticciolo* Associate Dean for Students and Administration 516-463-5771 Email

* Denotes Department Head