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Importance of an Identity

Hofstra Law’s brand is the sum of what people know, believe and feel about us based on what we say, print and broadcast. It’s a reflection of our stakeholders’ connection with and loyalty to Hofstra Law. Everything that we say and do — the successes that we share, the services we provide, the advances in law that our faculty and alumni bring about — all these things help to build our brand.

Articulating Hofstra Law’s brand is essential to our continued success. Now more than ever, clear and compelling communications will help us to build awareness, promote prestige and tell our story.

Make A Difference Wall Mural Photo of a Wall Mural inside the law school. Photo of the Outside of the Law School.

Hofstra Law

Brand and Identity Guide

Please refer to the Brand and Identity Guide for more information. The Brand and Identity Guide is for authorized members of the Hofstra Law community and a copy can be requested by contacting the Office of Communications at hofstralaw@hofstra.edu.

Brand Guide

Communications Resources

The Communications Resources site provides general guidelines for the visual articulation of the Hofstra Law brand, as well as templates and instructions for the application of our updated logo and related elements.

Email headers are 650 pixels wide and should only be used for emails. Email headers should not be resized or altered in any way. Headers should be used in emails promoting events, lectures and programs.

For custom email headers or event specific email headers, please contact Andrew Berman, Andrew.Berman@hofstra.edu or (516) 463-4142.

All Hofstra Law employees should use the branded email signature. Please download the email signature image and follow the instructions for updating your signature in Outlook.



Standard-Logo-Header.jpg For email use
Alt-Logo-Header.jpg For email use
Email-Signature.jpg For email use

These templates can be used for conference, lectures and events. Additional materials can be requested by contacting Andrew Berman, Andrew.Berman@hofstra.edu or (516) 463-4142.





When placing the logo be sure to leave space around the logo — at least the height of the shield on all sides. Never display the logo smaller than 2.25 inches wide. If the logo is sized any smaller, the letterforms become illegible. The logo should not be altered in any way.

For a high-res version of the logo or questions regarding the logo, please contact Tobie Accardi, Tobie-Lynn.Accardi@hofstra.edu or (516) 463-7061.



Standard-Logo.jpg For general website or email use

For letterhead and envelope needs, please contact Tobie-Lynn.Accardi@hofstra.edu in the Office of Communications. Letterhead is printed on-demand in the Law School Copy Center. Envelopes are ordered from an outside vendor.

To request new business cards, please complete this intake form from main campus. From the project category pull down menu, choose “Printed Marketing Collateral”. You will then see “Business Cards” in the subcategory. Once received, someone from the university’s creative services department should follow up with you. Business cards are printed in the Buttler Annex print shop. 

The Form-Template (below) can be used for forms, syllabi, applications, etc. If you need assistance converting an old form or application to a Microsoft Word document, please contact Andrew.E.Berman@hofstra.edu.



Letterhead-Faculty-OneLine.docx Use this if you have a one-line title
Letterhead-Faculty-TwoLine.docx Use this if you have a two-line title

Zoom offers a virtual background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. Watch a video about this feature.

Learn more about virtual backgrounds on the Zoom Support website.

Below are several virtual background images that you can use on Zoom. Select an image below and then save the image to your computer.



Virtual Background of the Law School Building
Virtual Background of Courtroom
Virtual Background of Hofstra Law Logo - Single Logo
Virtual Background of Hofstra Law Logo - Repeated Logo
Virtual Background of Room 308

The Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University’s Web Content Management System (WCMS) is used to maintain the law.hofstra.edu website. Our WCMS uses Drupal, a scalable product for creating, editing, publishing and retiring web content. 

If you have any questions regarding the website, please contact Michael G. Wagner at Michael.G.Wagner@hofstra.edu or (516) 463-0391.

Reference Guides

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Communications Office

The Communications Office is staffed by the following team of experienced and dedicated personnel:

Andrew E. Berman

Andrew E. Berman
Associate Dean for Communications and Marketing

Send an Email
(516) 463-4142

About Andrew

Tobie-Lynn Accardi

Tobie-Lynn Accardi
Senior Creative Director

Send an Email
(516) 463-7061

About Tobie-Lynn

Michael G. Wagner

Michael G. Wagner
Senior Web Developer

Send an Email
(516) 463-0391

About Michael

Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker
Assistant Director of Digital Communications

Send an Email
(516) 463-7361

About Brooke

Where is the Communications Office located?

The Communications Office is in Room 029J of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law:

Maurice A. Deane School of Law
121 Hofstra University, Room 029J
Hempstead, NY 11549
Tel.: (516) 463-4142
Email: hofstralaw@hofstra.edu