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Cost and Financial Aid

Funding Your Law School Experience

The Law School’s Office of Financial Aid endeavors to provide assistance to each student so that they will be able to meet the overall cost of their legal education. The goal of the office is to assist each student in obtaining sufficient funding to bridge the difference between the student’s own resources and the cost of attending law school.

Financial assistance may be awarded in the form of scholarships, fellowships, federal loans, Federal Work-Study and private loans. Financial aid comes from public and private sources and is awarded on the basis of need and academic merit. All forms of financial aid, with the exception of Federal Work-Study, are offset against tuition.


For information regarding costs, please visit the “Tuition and Fees” page on the Hofstra University website.

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Cost of Attendance

JD Program 2022-2023

  Living on Own Living on Campus Living With Family
  Full-Time Part-Time Full-Time Part-Time Full-Time Part-Time
Tuition and
$66,554 $49,852 $66,554 $49,852 $66,554 $49,852
Books $1,800 $1,350 $1,800 $1,350 $1,800 $1,350
Room and
$23,890 $23,890 $21,235 $21,235 $1,154 $1,154
$4,050 $4,050 $3,900 $3,900 $3,900 $3,900
Loan Fees
$220 $220 $220 $220 $220 $220
Transportation $1,755 $1,316 $1,301 $1,201 $1,755 $1,316
$98,269 $80,678 $95,310 $77,758 $75,383 $57,792

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The Office of Financial Aid looks forward to being an integral part of your legal educational experience at Hofstra Law.

You can reach the Law School’s Office of Financial Aid via phone or email, or you can visit us in Joan Axinn Hall. Phone and walk-in hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday (4 p.m. Friday during the summer).

Information may be obtained by sending an email to

Phone: (516) 463-5916

108 Hofstra University
Joan Axinn Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549