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Full-Time Faculty

Barbara Barron Professor of Skills, Faculty Advisor to Moot Court Board, Director of the Trial Techniques Program, and Director of Student Advocacy Programs (516) 463-5246 Email
Robert A. Baruch Bush Harry H. Rains Distinguished Professor of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Settlement Law (516) 463-5888 Email
Alafair S. Burke Professor of Law (516) 463-4243 Email
Allison Caffarone Professor of Skills and Executive Director of the Perry Weitz Mass Tort Institute (516) 463-5872 Email
Colleen Campbell Associate Professor of Law (516) 463-6652 Email
Robin Charlow Professor of Law (516) 463-5166 Email
J. Scott Colesanti Professor of Legal Writing (516) 463-6413 Email
Ronald J. Colombo Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Distance Education (516) 463-5931 Email
Janet L. Dolgin Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law; Professor of Science Education, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine; Co-director, Hofstra Bioethics Center; and Director, Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy (516) 463-5873 Email
Akilah N. Folami Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, and Faculty Director for Diversity and Inclusion (516) 463-5867 Email
Maryam Franzella Associate Professor of Legal Writing (516) 463-6071 Email
Eric M. Freedman Siggi B. Wilzig Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Rights (516) 463-5167 Email
Linda Galler Max Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Law (516) 463-5895 Email
Mitchell Gans Rivkin Radler Distinguished Professor of Law (516) 463-5876 Email
Susan Greene Associate Professor of Legal Writing (516) 463-4119 Email
Daniel J.H. Greenwood Professor of Law (516) 463-7013 Email
Samantha S. Greer Assistant Clinical Professor of Law   Email
Jennifer A. Gundlach Emily and Stephen Mendel Distinguished Professor of Law and Clinical Professor of Law (516) 463-4190 Email
James E. Hickey, Jr. Professor of Law (516) 463-5891 Email
Stefan Krieger Richard J. Cardali Distinguished Professor of Trial Advocacy, Director of the Center for Applied Legal Reasoning, and Director Emeritus of Hofstra Clinical Programs (516) 463-5894 Email
Julian Ku Interim Dean, Faculty Director of International Programs, and Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law (516) 463-4237 Email
Eric Lane Eric J. Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Public Service (516) 463-5886 Email
Nicole R. Lefton Director of Academic Support and Bar Preparation & Professor of Academic Support and Bar Preparation (516) 463-4008 Email
Theo Liebmann Clinical Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Monroe H. Freedman Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics (516) 463-4736 Email
Miriam R. Lyman Professor of Skills (516) 463-4538 Email
Evelyn Malave Associate Professor of Law (516) 463-5874 Email
Irina D. Manta Professor of Law and Founding Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law (516) 463-5865 Email
Kevin McElroy Professor of Legal Writing (516) 463-4129 Email
Richard K. Neumann, Jr. Alexander M. Bickel Distinguished Professor of Law (516) 463-5881 Email
Elizabeth M. Nevins Clinical Professor of Law (516) 463-4735 Email
Ashira Ostrow Peter S. Kalikow Distinguished Professor of Real Estate and Land Use Law, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Executive Director of the Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies (516) 463-7051 Email
James Sample Professor of Law (516) 463-7236 Email
Andrew I. Schepard Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law and Director of the Center for Children, Families and the Law (516) 463-5890 Email
Norman I. Silber Boas-Claster Distinguished Professor in Civil Procedure (516) 463-5866 Email
G. Alex Sinha Associate Professor of Law (516) 463-5889 Email
Barbara J. Stark Joseph Kushner Distinguished Professor in Civil Liberties Law (516) 463-5994 Email
Amy R. Stein Professor of Legal Writing, Assistant Dean for Legal Writing and Adjunct Instruction (516) 463-5927 Email
Jeremy Weintraub Assistant Professor of Legal Writing (516) 463-5933 Email
Lauris P. Wren Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs and Director of LGBT+ Fellowship (516) 463-6315 Email
Ellen C. Yaroshefsky Howard Lichtenstein Distinguished Professor of Legal Ethics (516) 463-5882 Email
Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld Associate Professor of Law (516) 463-6165 Email

Leon FriedmanDistinguished Professor Emeritus of Law(516) 463-5889Email
Malachy T. MahonFounding Dean Emeritus(516) 463-5868Email
Ronald SilvermanDistinguished Professor Emeritus of Law  
Roy D. SimonDistinguished Professor Emeritus of Law(607) 342-0840Email
Vern R. WalkerDistinguished Professor Emeritus of Law(516) 463-5165Email
Cara CaporaleAssociate Director of Academic Support and Visiting Assistant Professor of Academic Success(516) 463-7014Email
Charis DamianoVisiting Assistant Professor of Law  
Karen P. Fernbach, Esq.Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Email
Judge Fern A. FisherVisiting Associate Professor of Law(516) 463-5159Email
Alexander T. HoltzmanVisiting Associate Clinical Professor of Law(516) 463-4607Email
Fred KleinVisiting Assistant Professor of Law  
C. Benjie LouisVisiting Assistant Professor of Academic Support and Bar Preparation(516) 463-5270Email
Jae Hyung RyuVisiting Assistant Clinical Professor of Law(516) 463-6314Email
John TsiforasDirector of Law & Technology, Director of Distance Education and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law(516) 463-6414Email
Hunter WhaleyDirector of the Law Library, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant Dean for Information Services(516) 463-5901Email
Lisa M. WhiteVisiting Assistant Professor of Legal Writing(516) 463-4994Email
Jeffrey AbrandtSpecial Professor of Law  
Ngazi AsanyeSpecial Professor of Law  
Sheila BallatoSpecial Professor of Law Email
James M. Black IISpecial Professor of Law Email
Lawrence Jay BraunsteinSpecial Professor of Law Email
Andrew BuaSpecial Professor of Law Email
Marc CaineSpecial Professor of Law Email
Jennifer CalamiaSpecial Professor of Law Email
Amanda CastellanosSpecial Professor of Law  
Courtney ClarkeSpecial Professor of Law  
Andrew CooperSpecial Professor of Law Email
The Honorable R. Bruce CozzensSpecial Professor of Law  
Julia D’AgostinoSpecial Professor of Law Email
Robin B. D’AleoSpecial Professor of Law  
Carissa DanesiSpecial Professor of Law Email
Johanna David-YoungSpecial Professor of Law Email
Luciana DeCarloDirector of Externship and Pro Bono Programs; Special Professor of Law(516) 463-0386Email
Hannah DiamondSpecial Professor of Law Email
Tracy DunbrookSpecial Professor of Law Email
Pamela R. EstermanSpecial Professor of Law Email
Sam FerraraSpecial Professor of Law  
Kaitlyn FlynnSpecial Professor of Law Email
Michael FrevolaSpecial Professor of Law Email
Ashleigh GoughSpecial Professor of Law  
Marc L. HamroffSpecial Professor of Law Email
Robert HarperSpecial Professor of Law  
Paul L. HerzfeldSpecial Professor of Law Email
Deborah HickeySpecial Professor of Law  
Christine HughesSpecial Professor of Law  
Alan JakimoSpecial Professor of Law Email
Adam KahnSpecial Professor of Law  
Gary KalbaughSpecial Professor of Law  
Donald KernisantSpecial Professor of Law  
Lucas KesslerSpecial Professor of Law  
Laura KitchenSpecial Professor of Law  
Spencer KleinSpecial Professor of Law Email
The Honorable Gary F. KnobelSpecial Professor of Law Email
Eric KriftcherSpecial Professor of Law Email
Steve KuperschmidSpecial Professor of Law  
Michael LampertSpecial Professor of Law Email
Rosa LeeSpecial Professor of Law Email
Barry LitesSpecial Professor of Law Email
Kimberly LuckeySpecial Professor of Law  
Steven MaffeiSpecial Professor of Law Email
Jennifer MastronardiSpecial Professor of Law  
Andrea MauroSpecial Professor of Law  
Frank A. Mazzagatti, PhD, EsqSpecial Professor of Law  
Gerald McCloskeySpecial Professor of Law  
Christopher T. McGrathSpecial Professor of Law Email
William McGuireSpecial Professor of Law  
Jana McNultySpecial Professor of Law  
Janine MeggettSpecial Professor of Law Email
Paul J. MellerDirector, Institute for Family Forensic Psychology, Assistant Director, Psy.D Program in School-Community Psychology; Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Hofstra University(516) 463-5628Email
Janis MeyerSpecial Professor of Law Email
Imaan MoughalSpecial Professor of Law Email
Gariel NahoumSpecial Professor of Law  
Phillip NashSpecial Professor of Law Email
Jeff NeurmanSpecial Professor of Law  
Teresa OmbresSpecial Professor of Law Email
Andrew OringerSpecial Professor of Law Email
Nicole OsborneSpecial Professor of Law Email
Neal R. PlattSpecial Professor of Law Email
Robert PopeSpecial Professor of Law  
Alexi PoulianosSpecial Professor of Law  
Lauren ReillySpecial Professor of Law  
Joseph RichettiSpecial Professor of Law Email
Joel M. RoselinSpecial Professor of Law(516) 463-4256Email
Jamie RosenSpecial Professor of Law  
Jared RosenblattSpecial Professor of Law Email
Anthony SabinoSpecial Professor of Law  
Steven L. SachsSpecial Professor of Law Email
Franca SachsSpecial Professor of Law Email
Hon. Louis A. ScarcellaSpecial Professor of Law  
Kyle ScheidoSpecial Professor of Law Email
Bill SchroederSpecial Professor of Law  
Rita SethiSpecial Professor of Law Email
Grant ShehigianSpecial Professor of Law  
Felix ShipkevichSpecial Professor of Law  
Joseph SiegelSpecial Professor of Law  
Joyce SmithSpecial Professor of Law  
Judge Phil SolagesSpecial Professor of Law Email
Lisa A. SparAssociate Director of the Law Library(516) 463-5392Email
Daniel M. SullivanSpecial Professor of Law  
Pedram TabibiSpecial Professor of Law Email
Michael VanunuSpecial Professor of Law Email
Joel WeintraubSpecial Professor of Law Email
Helene WeissSpecial Professor of Law Email
Felicia WinderSpecial Professor of Law Email
Carolyn WolfSpecial Professor of Law  
KaFei WongAttorney-in-Charge and Adjunct Professor of Law(516) 463-5894Email
Patrick YoungSpecial Professor of Law