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Student Organizations

APALSA offers the opportunity for Asian law students to discuss issues relevant to the Asian community. Its goals include increasing the enrollment of Asian students at Hofstra Law and encouraging greater awareness of the political, social and legal concerns affecting Asians within the legal community.

APALSA also works in conjunction with other organizations to further goals beneficial to all minority groups in the legal profession.

Email: apalsa@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Dean Ku

President: Trina Thai
Vice President: Angela Qu
Treasurer: Norman Chuk
Secretary: Hongchi Chen

The mission of the BLSA is to utilize the collective resources of chapter members to promote the educational, professional, political and social needs and goals of black law students; foster and encourage professional competence; and influence the legal community by bringing about meaningful legal and political change that addresses the black community.

The BLSA serves to help ease the transition of first-year law students into the law school process.

The BLSA is open to any Hofstra Law student regardless of race or color.

Email: hofstra@nblsa.org
Advisor: Judge Fisher
Advisor: Prof. Folami


President: Dominique Edmonds
Vice-President: Germine Museau
Secretary: Morriah Johnson
Treasurer: Denae Henry
Historian: Olivia Holt
Attorney General: Elkana Alexandre
Academic Chair: Darielle Matthews
Membership Chair: Alexis Gooding

Advisor: Prof. Lyman (Albert)

President: Nicholas Tramposch
VP: Michael John
Secretary: Nurie Metodieva
Treasurer: Haim Bildirici
Membership Development Officer: Noah Dolgin

Advisor: Prof. Manta

President: Michael Krohnengold
Vice President: Winston Seurattan
Treasurer: Noah Wilpon
Communicatons and Events Chair:

Advisor: Prof. Bush

President: Jacob Bonheur
Vice President: Leon Adler
Secretary: Gabby Borukhov
Treasurer: Nathan Matatov
Outreach Chair: Madlen Yusupov

The CLS is a membership organization of Christian attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students and other legal professionals dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law, defense of religious freedom and provision of legal aid to the needy. We invite you to join our nationwide Christian legal community. Our values, visions and goals include facilitating opportunities for believers within the Law School to connect with one another, providing outreach during times of discouragement/stress to provide encouragement, facilitating opportunity for connection with other religions and encouraging one another and the greater Hofstra Law community.

Advisor: Prof. Colombo

President: Morriah Johnson
VP: Gina Yoo
Secretary: Abigail Fairas
Treasurer: Dominique Edmonds

Advisor: Prof. Gordon

President: Angelica Miceli-Kaya
VP: Benjamin Fishkind
Secretary: Nicole Kaeka
Treasurer: Karson Goggans
Social Media/Events Coordinator: Sara Murphy

Advisor: Prof. Colesanti

President: Christopher Link
Vice President: John Healy
Treasurer/Social Media: Tyler Fabiani
Secretary: Sean O'Connell
Outreach Coordinator: Juliette Matchon
Event Coordinator: Jasmine Ende

The Energy and Environmental Law Society is the locus for students preparing for a career in energy and environmental law. It sponsors energy and environmentally oriented programs both on and off campus.

The objectives of the EELS are to foster an understanding of energy and environmental legal and policy issues and educate students about how they can have an impact.

The organization promotes networking among students, alumni and professionals through events and employment opportunities.

Advisor: Prof. Hickey

President: Adriana Montante
VP: Molli Michalik
Treasurer: Sydney Hoffman
Secretary: Amanda Piccione
Social Media Coordinator: Devanshi Joshi
2L Senator: Benjamin Underwood

Advisor: Prof. Schepard

President: Zoe Avdar
VP Internal: Sydney Albert
VP External: Rivka Aizenman
Treasurer: Claire Campuzano
Secretary: Roshelle Firdman
Membership Development Officer/PR: Sadie Mehr

The Federalist Society is a nonpartisan conservative/libertarian organization dedicated to freedom, federalism and judicial restraint. The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

Advisor: Dean Ku

President: Allan Gremli
Vice President: Sarah Bogen
Treasurer: James Moran
Secretary: Jordan Piht
PR Chair: Domenico Pensa
1L Liaison:

Advisor: Janet Dolgin

President: Emma Carey
VP: Mikayla Kolahifar
Treasurer: Sarah Rahmani
Secretary: Michael Zanni
Social Media & Outreach Coordinator: Deepa Shiwcharan

The mission of Hillel JD: The Jewish Law Students Association is to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. This is accomplished by working with faculty, staff, and fellow students to encourage friendship and culture among our members, as well as foster a greater understanding of the law and legal institutions. Additionally, Hillel JD sponsors lectures, group discussions, social events, and holiday-related programs. Hillel JD is a program of Hofstra University Hillel.

Advisor: Prof. Bush

President: Eliana Shalikar
VP: Dasi Schneider
Secretary: Yitzchok Shalomaim
Treasurer: Perry Spector
Social Media Director: Jey Herman
3L Rep: Kevin Marek

Advisor: Dean Ku

President: Daniel Parmet
Vice President: Amelia Chiappetta
Treasurer: Noah Wilpon
Secretary: Matthew Culkin
Events Coordinator: Julia DeFazio

Advisors: Prof. Manta and Prof. Lyman (Albert)

President: Rebekah Pollner
Vice President: Amber Makda
Treasurer: Gianna Amore
Secretary: Angelica Miceli-Kaya
Public Relations: Megan Beloff

The Hofstra Intellectual Property Law Association is an organization dedicated to promoting and encouraging a better comprehension of the creation and utilization of intellectual property among the students, faculty and staff of Hofstra Law.

Advisor: Prof. Manta

President: Darby Huddleston
VP: Kavita Balchand
Secretary: Sarah Bogen
Treasurer: Nicole Levi
Social Media Chair: Michael Zanni

Advisor: Prof. Sample

President: Jacqueline Malfi
Vice President, Fundraising: Alexa Paturzo
Vice President, Volunteering & Group Projects: Sammi Casamassino
Treasurer: Naorin Akter

The Hofstra Law Women's Society is an organization dedicated to empowering women. While this group caters to helping 1L women adjust to the law school experience, it is open to women attending Hofstra Law of all ages and class levels.

Among its many activities, this group holds meetings, does charity events and fundraisers, holds networking events and has social events for both its members and students at Hofstra Law.

Advisor: Prof. Lyman (Albert)

President: Alexa Paturzo
VP: Abby Glattman
Secretary: Stephanie Abla
Treasurer: Valerie Kominer
Social Media Director: Alissa Popeck

Advisor: Prof. Yaroshefsky

President: Shannon Moran
Vice President: Angelica Miceli-Kaya
Treasurer: Claire Campuzano
Secretary: Isabella Gurello
Social Media Chair: Mariana Pontes

The Immigration Law Society facilitates the outreach and education of the Hofstra Law School community in immigration, migration and employment migration laws and practices. The ILS fosters the involvement in pro bono activities on behalf of the immigrant community. The ILS enhances the Hofstra Law community’s understanding of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It promotes networking of Hofstra students among alumni, practitioners and politicians that deal with immigration law. The ILS assists and introduces Hofstra Law students to immigration law through engagement among experts, current practitioners and members of the international law community that deal with immigration law.

We are a professional organization seeking to pique interest in immigration law, assist students interested in careers in immigration law in expanding their skills, and provide networking opportunities by building connections with immigration attorneys in the area. We aim to do this by providing an open forum on recent immigration laws both in person during meetings and through constant Facebook and TWEN discussion, as well as hosting a career panel in the fall about various jobs in immigration law. We also seek to inspire interest in immigration by arranging educational field trips to historical places which have a strong backbone immigration.

Advisor: Prof. Wren

President: Ferida Osman
VP: Timothy Mudric
Treasurer: Jackalyn Gonzalez
Secretary: Diego Saenz

The International Law Society aims to educate students about different aspects of international law. It strives to create networking opportunities and a chance for students to get actively involved, experience what jobs in the field have to offer and get a foundation on which to build a career.

Advisor: Dean Ku

President: Nick Lazzaro
Vice President: Harleen Kaur
Treasurer: Deanna Cinquemani
Secretary: Jonathan Krikheli
Communications: Darby Huddleston

Advisor: Prof. McElroy

President: Kaitlyn Dellegar
Vice President: Matthew Culkin
Treasurer: Erin Cullen
Secretary: Erin Cauley
Historian: Amelia Chiappetta

First, the CLA focuses efforts on building strong affiliations with established Columbian lawyers associations throughout the Greater New York City metro area, which presents networking and scholarship opportunities to members who may not currently be affiliated with, or represented by, existing student organizations.

Second, the CLA hopes to offer benefits to students borne from the affiliation with established associations in the form of dinners and events funded by these associations, offer workshops and job opportunities with Italian-American members of the bar, and reach a new demographic to spur student involvement in learning opportunities already existing at the Law School.

Advisor: Prof. Colombo

President: Christina Portuallo
VP: Alaina Ciccone
VP External Affiars: Paul Affrunti
VP Professional Relations: Lauren Simonelli
Secretary: Domenico Pensa
Treasurer: Michael Zanni

The Latino/a American Law Student Association is a support network founded by Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels ’88 more than 20 years ago for the purpose of creating a professional legal network for the Latino community. In addition, LALSA provides a voice to a typically underrepresented community in the student body.

Advisor: Prof. Lyman (Albert)

President: Leslie Contreras
VP: Carmen Arias-Urena
Treasurer: Gisselle Rodas
Secretary: Francesca Bravo

Advisors: Prof. Folami and Prof. Wren

President: Filza Siddiqui
Vice President: Amber Makda
Treasurer: Ibti Rahman
Secretary: Akhror Muminov

Advisor: Prof. Weintraub

Co Presidents: Evan Mattel and Ally Kaden
Co VP's: Petey Galgano and Victoria Vitale
Treasurer: Ryan George
Social Media & Event Planning Coordinator: Madelyn Feyko
Communications Officer: Sydney Ruggles

OUTLaw is an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex law students, as well as their allies. Our mission is to provide a unified voice for the LGBTQI community and inspire collective action.

By promoting visibility and awareness of LGBTQI issues, OUTLaw provides a safe space to address the legal, social and political issues impacting LGBTQI and other marginalized peoples.

Through collaborative initiatives, we seek to enhance the discourse among the student body, administration, faculty and the surrounding communities.

OUTLaw stands for social justice and equality across the boundaries of gender, race, class and ability status.

Advisor: Prof. Wren

President: Shannon Moran
Vice Presidents: Michael Russo
Treasurer: Elysse Anderson
Secretary: Patricia Linquist

Advisor: Prof. Lyman (Albert)

President: Caitlin Masline
Vice President Internal: James Moran
Co-Vice President External: Robert Calvin
Co-Vice President External: Winston Seurattan
Secretary: Bennett Forrest
Treasurer: Robert Paul
Public Relations Chair: Rachel Midey

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community.

Advisor: Prof. Ostrow

Justice: Gabriel Goldstein
Vice Justice: Nick Lazzaro
Clerk: Sarah Bogen
Treasurer: Avi Kohn
Marshal: Collis Gittens
Philanthropy Chair: Conor Winne
Prof. Development Chair: Gina Aliberti
Social Chair: Chris Volpe
International Student Liasion: William Powers

Hofstra Law’s Public Justice Foundation helps to ensure that quality legal services are provided to those who would otherwise be marginalized or forgotten in justice system.

This is achieved through Public Interest Law Fellowships, which are awarded to students who devote their summers to working in an area of public interest law, such as Legal Aid, the district attorney’s office, Child Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations, among others.

All funds for these fellowships are raised in just one night, at the Gala Goods and Services Auction.

Public Justice Foundation Auction

Advisor: Office of Student Affairs

President: Kathleen DeWitt
VP: Dorothy Caccioppoli
Director of Outreach: Daniel Espineira
Secretary: Sydney Albert
Treasurer: Karl Armbrust
Historian: Alexis Parkes
Director of Social Media: Matthew Solomon

The Real Estate Law Association’s mission is to educate students on all aspects of real estate and property law. The organization will help students interested in real estate law to network with legal professionals in this field. The organization will also provide networking opportunities between students who have similar interests.

We will accomplish these goals by hosting professional networking events, educational meetings and also providing speaker events that will educate and inform students on all aspects of real estate and property law.

The Real Estate Law Association focuses on these topics: Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Negotiations, Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate Litigation, Zoning, Construction, and Estate Planning.

Advisor: Prof. Ostrow

President: Carisa MsKillop
VP: Sydney Ruggles
Treasurer: Abraham Kohn
Secretary: Sammi Casamassino

SALSA has been founded with the goal of helping to represent the expanding South Asian population that is beginning to make a greater impact on the legal community at Hofstra Law, in New York and across the nation.

As a first-year law student in this organization, you will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact on the course that this organization takes, helping it to grow in prominence within the Hofstra Law community and allowing it to flourish alongside other South Asian law school organizations throughout the tri-state area and the rest of the country.

Advisor: Prof Gundlach

President: Kaniz Fatima
Vice President: Reema Sethi
Treasurer: Nicholas Simon
Secretary: Riva Patel

The mission of SELS is to introduce students to the field of law within both the entertainment and sports industries and provide guidance in pursuing careers in these areas.

We seek to afford students the opportunity to meet and interview with several attorneys within the industries they are most interested in.

SELS will host several events in which the proceeds will be given to a charitable organization, which will also allow us to help make Hofstra Law students and alumni well known within the legal community.

Advisor: Prof. Sample

President: Evan Mattel
VP of Sports: Madelyn Feyko
VP of Entertainment: Leah Gaydos
Treasurer: Jaime Morales
Communications & Event Manager: Caroline Solochewicz
Competitions Chair: Jessie Schuster

Office: Room 029P
Advisor: Office of Student Affairs

President: Rochelle Podolsky
VP: Allison Schmidt
Treasurer: Jessica Kohn
Secretary: Molli Michalik
ABA Rep: Collis Gittens
3L Senators: Candler BrownJohn Healy and Sara Murphy
2L Senators: Lauren BaffoJulia DeFazio and Ben Katz
1L Senator – Section A:
1L Senator – Section B:
1L Senator – Section C:

The Tax Law Society enables future attorneys who are interested in financially related legal fields to network with current professionals, as well as one another, in order to gain insight and promote career development.

The Tax Law Society accomplishes this through professional mixers where students can meet future employers.

Group meetings also allow students to share experiences and advice with one another.

Additionally, the Tax Law Society assists the community through such initiatives as the IRS-sponsored VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Association) program, where students help prepare tax returns for low-income individuals in a pro bono capacity.

Advisor: Prof. Galler
VITA Advisor: Prof. Galler & Luciana DeCarlo

President: Nicholas Simon
VP: Kaniz Fatima
Treasurer: Oscar Loja Bermeo
Secretary: Rebecca Noy
Director of VITA: Heather Raiser

The Veterans Law Student Association is an inclusive organization for service members and students, families, friends, faculty and associates interested in issues affecting veterans.

The VLSA is committed to providing general fellowship, professional and academic mentorship and veterans advocacy.

The VLSA hosts a number of JAG and career panels, as well as professional networking events, to assist students with professional development.

VLSA members also collaborate with local legal professionals, firms, judges and the Nassau County Bar Association to broaden Hofstra Law’s Veterans Advocacy Program (VAP).

Through VAP, law students participate as mentors for veteran-defendants who are charged with nonviolent misdemeanor crimes at the Nassau County Veterans Treatment Court.

VAP also offers students opportunities to assist veterans, under the supervision of other attorneys, through the pro bono Veterans Legal Assistance Project (VLAP). VLAP focuses on assisting veterans initiate VA claims and improving overall access to free civil legal services to veterans in Nassau County.

Room 038U Advisor: Prof. Greer
VLAP Advisor: Prof. Greer & Luciana DeCarlo

President: Kraig Puccia
Vice President: Giro Maccheroni
Treasurer: Thomas Lang
Secretary: Allan Gremli
Intake Coordinator: Benjamin Underwood

Advisor: Prof. Franzella

President: Morriah Johnson
Vice President: Devanshi Joshi
Secretary: Iman Elshazly
Treasurer: Elizabeth Mauter
Membership Development Chair: Aliyah McLaurin
Professional Development Chair: Sitara Abbas
Community Outreach Chair: Jacalyn Gonzalez


The ACTEC Law Journal is peer-reviewed and is published under the auspices of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.

Room: Roosevelt 023
Email: ACTEC @hofstra.edu
Advisor: Prof. Gans
Phone: (516) 463-6048

Editor in Chief: Thomas Vella
Managing Editor of Staff: Claudia Bleicher
Managing Editor of Articles: Thalia Tsinoglou
Business Editor: Justin Dailey

Family Court Review (FCR) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published under the auspices of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Family Court Review is an international, interdisciplinary family law journal -- a forum for the exchange of ideas, programs, research, legislation, case law and reforms. The journal's editorial staff is based at the Law School. Its fundamental premise is that productive discussion of family law is facilitated by a dialogue between the judiciary, lawyers, mediators, mental health and social services communities. AFCC is an interdisciplinary, international association of judges, counselors, evaluators, mediators, attorneys and others concerned with the constructive resolution of family conflict.

Room: Roosevelt 024
Email: FCR@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Amy Brown, Esq.
Phone: (516) 463-2797

Managing Editor: Emily Fontanetta
Managing Ed. Notes/Comm: Rachel November
Managing Ed. Of Articles: Dorothy Caccioppoli
Business Administrator: Leah Gaydos

The LELJ provides students with an interest in labor and employment law the opportunity to become more involved in and learn more about the fields of labor and employment law.

Room: Roosevelt 017
Email: laborlaw@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Prof. Fernbach
Phone: (516) 463-6317

Editor in Chief: Gillian Joyce
Managing Editor of Articles: Evan Mattel
Managing Editor of Staff: Brian Joseph
Business Administrator & Technology Editor: Megan Beloff
Alumni Affairs Coordinator: Rochelle Podolsky

Visit Our Website

Room: Roosevelt 020
Email: lawrev@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Prof. Freedman
Phone: (516) 463-5910

Editor in Chief: Alexa Torrens
Managing Editor of Staff: Paul Seesa
Managing Editor of Articles: Manny Putrino
Business Editor: Anthony Russo

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Room: Roosevelt 025
Email: jibl@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Dean Ku
Phone: (516) 463-6188

Editor in Chief: Daryl Caffarone
Managing Editor of Staff: Timothy Curtis
Managing Editor of Articles: Adriana Montante
Sr. Research Editor: John Healy
Senior Productions Editor: Nicholas Bekker
Business & Alumni Affairs Editor: Christopher Link

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Advocacy Organizations

The Hofstra Law Dispute Resolution Society is an organization which aims to advance students’ ability to negotiate, arbitrate and mediate through seminars and competition. With the DRS, students can learn essential skills that will most certainly be utilized when they enter the workforce. Because the DRS has little to do with court proceedings, it allows law students to work actively with the opposing party to come to an equitable solution. It drives students to use their ingenuity to resolve problems in unique, creative and original fashion. The DRS not only teaches students critical lawyering skills, but it also enhances the value of their legal education.

Room: Roosevelt 011
Advisor: Prof. Barron
External Coach:

President: Evan Goldschlag
VP: Leah Gaydos
Director of Internal Competitions: Gina Aliberti
Director of External Competitions: Caroline Solochewicz
Director of Training: Kyla Reitzel
Marketing/Treasurer: Denise Trerotola
Director of Hosted Competitions: Nicholas Tramosch
Social Media Coordinator: Victoria Vitale
Internal Competitions Coordinator: Michael Krohnengold and Winston Seurattan
External Competitions Coordinator: Kraig Puccia

The Hofstra Trial Advocacy Association (HTAA) is a student-run organization devoted to the development of students’ trial advocacy skills. Such skills include conducting direct and cross examinations of witnesses, as well as performing opening statements and closing arguments in front of a jury. HTAA members compete and represent Hofstra Law at mock trial competitions.

HTAA holds an intramural trial advocacy competition each semester, which is open to all members of the Hofstra Law community. These mock trial competitions are judged by HTAA executive board members and faculty advisors. Guest judges comprising sitting judges and practicing attorneys with trial experience judge the final rounds.

To become a member of HTAA, students must compete in an intramural competition and demonstrate impressive skills in the art of trial advocacy. The most impressive competitors are invited to join the organization each semester.

HTAA members may then try out for interscholastic competitions. Each team is coached by practicing attorneys, most of whom are Hofstra Law alumni. The competitors may earn course credit through participation on one of these interscholastic mock trial teams.

Room: Roosevelt 011
Advisor: Prof. Barron
External Coach: Jared Rosenblatt

President: Austin Sperl
Co-VP: 's Allison Schmidt and Katie Giron
Treasurer: Karson Goggans
Secretary: Brooke Modica
Competition Managers: Dorothy Caccioppoli
Competition Managers: Isaiah Harris
Fact Pattern Writer: Kathleen DeWitt
Fact Pattern Writer: Brian O'Reagan

The Moot Court Board is a student-run organization that is dedicated to the development of students’ written and oral appellate advocacy skills.

The board administers two intramural competitions each year, through which members of the board are selected. The fall semester competition is open to upper-class students and transfer students; the spring semester competition is open to first-year students.

Board members help prepare competitors for oral argument and conduct practice rounds leading up to the competition; board members also serve as judges for the preliminary rounds of the competitions. The final round of each competition is adjudicated by a panel of distinguished judges and appellate practitioners.

The board also plays an important part in Hofstra Law’s interscholastic moot court competition program. The board helps organize tryouts each fall for the selection of students to represent Hofstra Law in regional, national and international moot court competitions against other law schools.

Board members also assist in the faculty-taught Advanced Appellate Skills seminar, which is designed exclusively for students who are selected from those tryouts — largely from board membership — to represent Hofstra Law in interscholastic competitions.

Room: Roosevelt 011
Email: mootcourt@hofstra.edu
Advisor: Prof. Barron
External Coach: Adam Kahn & Shelia Ballato

President: John Federico
VP: Nikki Stamile
Managing Editor: John Healy
Director of Competitions: Jaclyn Perda
Director of Staff Affairs: William Keller
Director of Business Affairs: Sara Murphy
Director of Alumni Affairs: Claudia Bleicher
Director of Social Media & Technology: Mikayla Fanto

Pro-Bono Groups

CAP’s mission is to advocate for victims of domestic violence in New York family courts while also educating the Hofstra Law community on issues of domestic violence.

Advisor: Luciana DeCarlo
Faculty Advisor:
Senior Coordinator: Carolyn Powers
Junior Coordinator: Alexis Parkes

The Unemployment Action Center helps safeguard the equitable administration of labor law by providing representation and guidance through the unemployment insurance appeals process.

Advisor: Luciana DeCarlo
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Fernbach
Senior Coordinator: Robert Calvin
Senior Coordinator: Caitlin Masline