Hofstra Law

Robert W. Entenmann Veterans Law Clinic

Professor Samantha S. Greer, Attorney-in-Charge
Maximum Enrollment: 8 Students

Students in the Robert W. Entenmann Veterans Law Clinic help veterans obtain disability (and thus, often, health care) benefits and apply for discharge upgrades.

More particularly, students may:

  • help veterans submit disability claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs,
  • work on appeals of denied claims, and
  • help veterans obtain increases in disability ratings, for cases in which increases are justified by a veteran’s service record and health status.

Students may also may help veterans upgrade other-than-honorable discharges from the military so that these veterans become eligible for disability and health care benefits.

Working alongside physicians, other clinicians and experienced attorneys, students help veterans with service-connected disabilities establish that their disabling conditions are service-connected.