Faculty Services at the Law Library

The Law Library seeks to provide excellent library service to the Hofstra Law faculty, ranging from research assistance to circulation assistance. This is accomplished through a liaison system, where each full-time faculty member is paired with a reference librarian even before the faculty member’s official start date with the University.

The faculty and librarian will meet or talk at various times throughout the year to determine the faculty member’s research and instructional needs, and the librarian will seek to tailor the delivery of information to the individual faculty member. The librarian will also coordinate all non-research library requests. Our librarian liaisons hold both J.D. and M.L.S. degrees.  Faculty can also reach a Reference librarian via email at hofstralawlib@gmail.com during Reference desk hours

Services provided in the liaison program are listed in detail in the Faculty Library Handbook.

Emeritus faculty

Emeritus faculty will continue to enjoy all the privileges and services extended to current faculty. However, routing of materials for faculty emeritus will be arranged on a case-by-case basis to assure timely receipt and return of routed items.

Visiting faculty

Visiting faculty are eligible for the same services as our full-time faculty, though the liaison is typically not assigned until after the visitor arrives. Please contact Lisa Spar for information about these services.

Adjunct faculty

Adjunct faculty are also eligible for liaison services, though they are only assigned if an adjunct expresses an interest in the program, as we have found that many adjuncts already have outside research assistance available to them. New adjuncts are provided with a Library orientation at the overall adjunct orientation session, but the Library would also be delighted to provide more detailed information to those interested. If an adjunct faculty member has any questions or would like to arrange for a Library tour or introduction, please contact Lisa Spar, Assistant Director for Reference and Instructional Services.