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The competition for a fellowship or scholarship is intense and attracts promising students from around the country.

Fellowships and scholarships are limited in number, and while there are differences in each category, they typically include a significant tuition scholarship, summer internship and stipend, and opportunities to interact with leading scholars and practitioners in the respective fields.

Merit scholarship funds cannot be combined with fellowship funds. However, admitted students will receive the higher amount of the two scholarship funds.

Business Law Honors Fellowship
Careers in business are among the most challenging in the legal profession. To help clients succeed in a rapidly changing global economy, business lawyers must master a wide range of knowledge and skills and combine innovation and adaptability with a strong foundational knowledge of law.

The need for lawyers trained in business law has never been greater. In response to this need, Hofstra Law’s Business Law Honors Fellowship program trains and develops leaders in this growing field.

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Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship
Every day children and families in America face divorce, poverty, foster care, abuse and neglect, and even incarceration. To provide effective representation and improve policies that affect the welfare of children and families, lawyers need to be trained in an interdisciplinary environment and participate in ongoing education and research. Hofstra Law’s Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship program trains and develops the next generation of leaders in this field.

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Dwight L. Greene Memorial Scholarship
Hofstra Law Professor Dwight L. Greene was a brilliant scholar, a talented teacher and a beloved colleague. In 1995, shortly after his sudden and premature death, Hofstra Law, the law firm of Davis Polk & Wardwell, and Professor Greene’s family, friends and colleagues endowed a scholarship in his honor.

The Dwight L. Greene Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to one student who has demonstrated a commitment to advocacy on behalf of minority groups.

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Health Law and Policy Fellowship
The need for lawyers trained in health law has been steadily increasing as a result of three related developments:

The health care industry has become increasingly complex, in part because of rapid advances in medical technology.

These advances have raised serious ethical concerns, especially at the beginning and end of life.

The cost of medical care has skyrocketed, a development that has created a substantial societal, political and fiscal challenge, in particular because millions of Americans are without health insurance.

In response to these developments, Hofstra Law’s Health Law and Policy Fellowship program trains lawyers in health law and advances health law policy.

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Law, Government and Politics Fellowship
There is nothing radical about this view. Lawyers have always played prominent roles in our governance history, dominating, for example, the Constitutional Convention and the congresses that followed.

More importantly, today lawyers are the only group of Americans who, as part of their education, are required to study the Constitution and the institutions of government, the governing processes, federalism, the Bill of Rights, and the principles of governance. This civic education is critical to maintenance of our democratic institutions.

The Law, Government and Politics Fellowship program encourages civic engagement and the study of the Constitution under the guidance of Professor Eric Lane.

Legal Ethics Fellowship
Hofstra Law has always viewed the subject of legal ethics as a priority and an essential component of legal education, but in recent years legal ethics has become the focus of intense national attention.

The Legal Ethics Fellowship program directly involves students in various ethics programs and activities at Hofstra Law — for example, the legal ethics conference — under the guidance of a professor with expertise in legal ethics.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights Fellowship
The battle for true equality for LGBT citizens is advancing on multiple fronts and is arguably the civil rights battle of this century in the United States and around the globe. LGBT Rights Fellows have helped advance that movement in legal, legislative, political and electoral arenas at the local, state and national levels.

Hofstra Law is committed to diversity and supportive our students’ interest in creating a more fair and just society. With such issues as marriage equality, hate-crime protections and employment nondiscrimination all receiving greater attention than ever before, now is the time to seize the opportunity of the Hofstra Law LGBT Rights Fellowship, which is offered to the best students ready to make an impact in this arena.

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William R. Ginsberg Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Law
The William R. Ginsberg Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Law, established through the Estate of Marian O. Naumberg, honors Professor Ginsberg, a pioneer in the field of environmental law who taught at Hofstra Law for 29 years.

The Ginsberg Fellowship awards a stipend in an amount up to $7,500 to a promising Hofstra Law student to pursue public interest environmental work during the summer or academic year.

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