Become a Dean's Circle Protégé Member


Become a Dean's Circle Protégé Member

Expand Your Network, Become A Hofstra Law Protégé Member. Join today!

Since 2012, the Protégé program, open to graduates of the last 10 years, has been providing exclusive networking opportunities for its members, allowing them to build business and advance their careers, gain access to Hofstra Law leadership and help shape the future of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law.

Become a Protégé member today and help increase alumni participation in the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund Supports:

  • Scholarships
  • Student Organizations and Services
  • Clinics
  • Academic Programs
  • Skills Training
  • Special Lectures
  • The Law Library
  • Improvements to the Law School Building

As a Protégé member, you receive the full benefits available to Dean’s Circle donors — alumni and friends of Hofstra Law who give $1,000 and above — but at special reduced giving levels that start at just $100 a year for our most recent graduates.

Protégé Giving Levels

2011-2014 $100 Under $10/month
2008-2010 $250 Under $25/month
2005-2007 $500 Under $50/month

Benefits for All Protégés Include:

  • Free or reduced admission to recent alumni events, including free admission to the Recent Alumni Reception in June.
  • Invitations to Protégé networking events with prominent Dean’s Circle members, such as our upcoming April 23 Protégé/Dean’s Circle Networking Event at Galway Pub in NYC with Dean Lane.
  • Thank you gift for joining.
  • Recognition in the Donor Report.
  • Recognition in the Law School Atrium display.

2013-2014 Protégé Donors

We thank these generous Protégé Donors who joined for the 2013-2014 year.

Bryan Arbeit '11*
Anthony Autar '11
Alicia Bartkowski '04
Karen Baswell '07*
Joseph Bjarnson '09*
Adam Bobkin '10
Angela Burton '09*
Michael Caruso '08
Thomas Chu '12*
Kerri D'Ambrosio '08*
Jenette Dexter '11
Dev Dhamija '04
Katherine Rouse Dieterich '05*
Paul Edelson '10*
Scott Forman '12*
Brenda Giuliano '10*
Evan Gotlob '10*
Robert Harper '07
Thelma Louise Jones '05*
Adam Kahn '13
David Kleinman '06*
Leonid Krimsky '09*
Kevin Kruse '12
Annette Marie Lalic '11*
Stephen Lampo '10*
Patricia Lynch '11
Frank Mazzagati '10*
Jeffrey P. Miller '11
Gariel Nahoum '08*
JoAnna Nicholson '08*
John Papadopoulos '11*
Byeongju Park '11*
YuhTyng Tsuei '07*
Maya Peleg '08
Seth Presser '07*
Michael Romano '11
Franca Sachs '06 and Steven Sachs '05*
Max Schlan '12
Timothy Schmidt '09*
Jessica Seligson '09
Sunny Singh '06
Kristin Stranc '11
Terrence Tarver '07*
Evan Tokunaga '11
Lynda Madera Vaillant '08 and Daniel Vaillant '08*
Miriam Vincent '12
David Wagman '12
Paul Weber '07*
Ronen Yair '11

*2011-2012 Inaugural Member 

For more information on Protégé or to join today contact Ashley Sauerhof ‘13, Development Manager at or 516-463-4391.