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Family Law

Earn Your Law Degree in Helping Families in Crisis

Every day children and families in America face divorce, poverty, foster care, abuse and neglect, and even incarceration. To provide effective representation and improve policies that affect the welfare of children and families, lawyers need to be trained in an interdisciplinary environment and participate in ongoing education and research.

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Center for Children, Families and the Law

Make a difference in the lives of children and families engaged in the legal system through unique opportunities to participate in community service, public policy projects, legal representation, dispute resolution, and research.

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Unique Opportunities


The Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship is one of the most comprehensive fellowship programs of its kind in the country.


Receive instruction and training in those subject areas fundamental to family law practice, in addition to instruction in specialized, related subject areas of your choosing.

Youth Advocacy Clinic

Students learn the facets of client advocacy through the challenging experience of representing youth in special immigrant juvenile matters and child maltreatment cases.

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Get Involved in Family Law

In addition to our family law programs, there are many ways to build your résumé in family law.

Student Organizations

Family Law Society

Meet and network with students interested in family law.


Family Court Review

Family Court Review is an international, interdisciplinary family law journal — a forum for the exchange of ideas, programs, research, legislation, case law and reforms.



Students have recently externed with organizations such as The Legal Aid Society, the Children’s Law Center, the Department of Social Services, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, Lawyers for Children, and several family court judges’ and district attorneys’ offices.