Job Postings


All employment positions for Maurice A. Deane School students (and alumni) are posted using the Symplicity career services management system.

Through Symplicity, you can, among other things, create PDF versions of resumes, cover letters and transcripts and store these documents on the system.

Symplicity will also allow you to apply to job postings by uploading resumes (and any other requested documents) directly to an employer.

Hofstra Law’s on-campus interview program is also managed through Symplicity.

You can access Symplicity via the Hofstra Portal. Once you have access to Symplicity, you can browse all job postings and apply to those jobs that interest you. (Instructions for accessing Symplicity)


If you are primarily interested in public interest or government positions, Hofstra Law also subscribes to PSLawNet.

This gives you access to thousands of domestic and international opportunities in the PSLawNet database, which contains information on more than 10,000 public-sector organizations.

You must register to access the data, but registration is simple and free.