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Curricular Offerings

Curricular Offerings

Required Core CoursesElective Courses
Students must also take a total of at least three elective courses from “List A” and “List B.” At least one of these courses must be taken from “List A,” and at least one must be one of the Capstone courses, which involve skills training and are marked with an asterisk; these two requirements may be fulfilled with the same course.
Writing Requirement
List AList B
Students must take the Intellectual Property Survey course. In addition, they must take one of the following three courses: Law 2785 - Art Law Seminar Law 3700 - Administrative Law

A student must complete a writing requirement that would satisfy either Writing Requirement I or II in any course, or via any journal note or Independent Study, on an intellectual property law subject or subjects, as approved by the student’s concentration faculty advisor. It is permissible for the writing used to satisfy this requirement to be the same writing used by the student to satisfy another Law School requirement.

Law 3778 - Copyright Law 2718 - Comparative Cyberlaw Law 3732 - Antitrust
Law 2921 - Patent Law Law 2827 - Entertainment Law Law 3733 - Biotechnology: Law, Business, and Regulation
Law 2948 - Trademarks Law 2724 - Global Compliance in the Digital Age Law 2792 - Business Drafting Seminar*
Students who take all three of these courses may waive the requirement to take the Intellectual Property Survey course if they wish to do so. Law 2720 - Intellectual Property Colloquium Law 2829 - Discovery Skills II: Depositions*
Law in Cyberspace Law 2996 - E-Discovery Practice*
Law 2768 - Patent Litigation* Law 4761 - Evidence (Prof. Krieger only)*
Law 2715 - Patent Practice* Law 2876 - International Business Transactions
Law 2719 - Patent Prosecution Externship* Law 2875 - International Commercial Arbitration*
Law 2998 - Privacy in the Digital Age Law 2716 - International Sales Law
Law 3975 - Sports Law Law 2898 - Law of International Trade
Law 3982 - Telecommunications Law and Policy Law 2796 - Law’s Response to Reproductive Technology
Law 2906 - Legal Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation*
Law 3709 - Litigation and Drafting Skills*
Law 2912 - Mass Media and the First Amendment
Law 3935 - Pretrial Skills*
Law 3952 - Remedies*
Law 3956 - Scientific Evidence
Law 3788 - Transactional Lawyering: Translating Deals into Contracts*

Additionally, any other course approved by the student’s concentration advisor, including Independent Study coursework, can be used to satisfy the third elective. Subject to a student’s concentration advisor approval, students can also use an IP-related externship not on this list to fulfill the Capstone part of the electives requirements.