Public Service Awards Program

All Maurice A. Deane School of Law students are eligible to participate in the Public Service Awards Program, which honors graduating students who have devoted considerable time during their three years at Hofstra Law to public service.

Students are recognized for the following levels of service:

  • Bronze Level — 250+ hours
  • Silver Level — 500+ hours
  • Gold Level — 750+ hours

To be eligible for recognition, a student must perform public service work under the supervision of a licensed attorney and/or faculty member with any of the following:

  • nonprofit organizations that provide legal representation to individuals or groups who are underserved, underrepresented or of limited means, including Hofstra Law clinical programs;

  • municipal, state or federal government agencies, legislative bodies or court systems;

  • attorneys providing legal services free of charge or at significantly reduced cost; or

  • Hofstra Law student groups that advocate on behalf of clients and for groups that provide legal education.

In addition, non-legal volunteer work can count for 20 percent of the total hours worked toward the Public Service Award.

Work performed in a clinical or externship program will qualify, as will any other work performed in connection with a credit-bearing course. However, work done without credit will be given greater weight in the calculation of hours for purposes of the Public Service Awards, in that the hours worked will be multiplied by five to reflect the greater value we place on such work. Work done in connection with a credit-bearing course will not be given any additional weight in the calculation of hours. 

Paid work will not be recognized, except where the student is the recipient of a public interest stipend or fellowship in connection with an unpaid public service position.

Please contact Franca Sachs before beginning the work to seek verification that the work will qualify under the Public Service Awards Program.