Academic Success Program: Prepare to Succeed

Welcome to the Maurice A. Deane School of Law’s Academic Success Program. Please consider the program a valuable resource for you from the time you begin law school to the time you sit for the bar exam.

Our program offers numerous services throughout your law school years. Our first-year program guides students in adjusting to the new style of learning and writing demanded by the study of law. Our Skills Workshops help students master the fundamental techniques and habits essential for law school achievement. Individual skills development, academic counseling and legal writing assistance are also available.

Our offerings for upper-level students develop and refine analytical and writing skills that are vital for continuing success in law school, on the bar exam and in professional practice. Individual skills training and writing assistance are available, and I encourage all students to use these resources. Our upper-level programming also includes a Supplemental Bar Preparation Course that students take in their final year.

Finally, I am available to meet with any student on an individual basis to discuss study skills, academic performance, academic counseling, bar exam-related issues, and methods to improve or maintain academic performance. While students are free to drop by during the day, I encourage students to make advance appointments, given the program’s busy schedule.

I look forward to working with you during your journey from law student to bar applicant to practicing attorney.

Nicole R. Lefton
Director of Academic Support and Bar Preparation & Assistant Professor of Academic Support and Bar Preparation