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Examinations on Computer

Examinations on Computer

All students are automatically signed up to take their exams on laptops. Students who wish to write their exams must opt out by completing the Computer Opt-Out Form each semester. Students who do not complete the form by the deadline may still write their exams. Requests must be renewed each semester.

Beginning Spring 2008, students writing their exams will be placed in the same room as those electing to take their exams on computer.

In the interest of examination security, the Law School has purchased exam software that prevents access to existing files. All students taking examinations on computer must download and use this software. Students taking open book examinations who have notes stored on their computers must print out their notes well in advance of the examination.

Note: The Law School does not provide backup computers during examinations.

Note: In the unlikely, but possible, event that a student’s computer crashes during an examination for any reason, and the computer administrators are unable to retrieve all or part of the examination answer, the student, on that same day, will be given extra time (the length of time to be determined by the Dean’s delegate) to write by hand all or part of the examination.