What Our Alums Have to Say About Their Clinical Experience

What Our Alums Have to Say About Their Clinical Experience

“The Law Reform Advocacy Clinic connected the classroom and lawyering in a way no prior legal experience had for me. I credit Professor Krieger and Lynn Capuano’s approach for that. Civ Pro, Evidence, Con Law, and Statutory Interpretation were no longer just classes, they became part of our legal strategy while representing minority and disabled clients in discrimination cases. During the semester, we all gained experience in legal research and writing, hands-on client counseling, witness preparation, discovery strategies, depositions, as well as dealing with opposing counsel and judges. We not only had interesting cases, but we also learned valuable advocacy and problem-solving skills and case planning techniques we could carry with us after the clinic was over. In this economic climate, law students can’t afford to not take advantage of Hofstra’s Clinic Program before graduating law school. I recommend the Law Reform Advocacy Clinic to anyone.”
Jainey Samuel
Law Reform Advocacy Clinic, Spring 2009

“Of all of my experiences at Hofstra Law School, working at the Asylum Clinic stands out as by far the most rewarding. As a clinical student, I developed important legal skills, such as interviewing clients, constructing case theories and conducting broad-based research. I learned how to effectively present clients’ histories to fit the framework of asylum law. Above all, I knew the work I did often represented the difference between life and death for my clients. My experience as a clinical student made me a better lawyer and, more importantly, a better person.”
Elise Dunton
Political Asylum Clinic, 2012

“The Securities Arbitration Clinic was an amazing clinic experience! I really enjoyed working with Professor Pew and the other students to help our clients reach the best results possible. The clinic was by far the best experience of law school, and it made me realize this is definitely the area of law I want to practice in!”
Jeanette Dexter
Securities Arbitration Clinic, ’10

“My experience in the Mediation Clinic was both educational and personally rewarding. The clinic allowed me to develop resourceful skill sets that help empower individuals and give them the tools to resolve their conflicts. The training and real-world experience that students are exposed to is unlike anything else they will see in a formal legal education. The collaborative process of working with families and social workers in an environment that requires the ability to listen, relate and facilitate discussions has provided me with the confidence to work with clients in difficult situations and in various areas of law.”
Adam Hughes
Mediation Clinic, 2009

“I am so grateful to have been a part of the Child Advocacy Clinic while at Hofstra Law. Working with and advocating on behalf of children was more rewarding than I can describe. I gained invaluable experience during my time in the clinic, including appearing in family and immigration courts and observing in the Appellate Division. The real-life experience the clinic affords its members is unmatched by anything else offered at Hofstra Law. Students are able to work one-on-one with clients and advocate zealously on their behalf. Professor Liebmann truly cares about his clients as well as his students and ensures that each student’s time in the clinic is as educational and rewarding as possible. Working in the Child Advocacy Clinic contributed greatly to my law school education and gave me the practical experience necessary to enter the job market.”
Amanda Cully
Child Advocacy Clinic, Fall 2010

“I just started my first day as a deputy public defender in Hawaii. During my interview for the position I talked a lot about my experiences on the clinic and referenced all of the cases I handled (not by name of course!). I talked about what it was like dealing with a client who had mental illness problems and convincing the judge that the reason the client wasn’t in treatment was the same reason treatment was needed. I brought up my initial disaster with Ms. M, when she freaked out because I introduced myself as a student, and then calmed her down and gained her trust. I also talked about working with a younger client who wasn’t always honest with us. The clinic was one of the best experiences of my time at Hofstra and definitely shaped the person I have become, as well as the person I want to be. I don’t think I could have gotten the job without the clinic, nor would I have had as valuable an experience without the help of my clinic professor. Thank you for everything — the simulations and discussions you led and, more importantly, the opportunity to explore my passion for social justice.”
Evan S. Tokunaga
Criminal Justice Clinic, 2011

“The Community and Economic Development Clinic gives students the opportunity to help build and support sustainable community institutions. It allows students to see the consequences of a lawyer’s work in the rich context of the community, and it raises questions about what the community’s needs are, what the lawyer’s role is and whose interests are being represented. The clinic’s structure blends creativity and doctrine through teamwork, client contact and frequent meetings, which promote the generation and analysis of varied solutions. I consider the transactional experience I’ve gained in this environment to be invaluable, and I strongly recommend it for all students interested in community development.”
David Hoeppner
Community & Economic Development Clinic, 2009

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