What Our Alums Have to Say About Their Clinical Experience

Asylum Clinic

“The Asylum Clinic was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I had in law school.

Professor Wren is a dedicated mentor, and I learned an incredible amount about asylum law.

I had the opportunity to represent my client in a defensive proceeding in front of an Immigration Judge, and I have yet to have an experience comparable to seeing the judge tell my client that she won her asylum case.”

Laura Robbins, 2014

Community & Economic Development Clinic

“I did not truly discover what I came to law school for until I was a student in the Community and Economic Development Clinic.

The hands-on experience I gained from meeting and working directly with nonprofit and small-business clients from the local communities on transactional matters both helped those different organizations and provided a rewarding experience for me as I developed the skills of client-centered lawyering.

My time as a legal intern for the Community and Economic Development Clinic truly shaped the future of my legal career and the type of member I will be in the profession.”

Hanaiya Gholson, 2014

Criminal Justice Clinic

“As a new public defender, I would urge anyone who is seriously interested in criminal law to apply to the Criminal Justice Clinic.

Working with indigent individuals in the Clinic not only led me to my career path, but it also prepared me for it in a way that no other experience in law school could have.

I am truly grateful for such a challenging, thought-provoking and rewarding experience. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

April White-Small, 2013

Law Reform Advocacy Clinic

“The Law Reform Advocacy Clinic defined my law school experience and made me into the attorney that I am today.

Prof. Krieger’s rigorous mentorship provided me with the practical legal training that cannot be found in any ordinary classroom. His expertise in civil procedure, evidence and negotiation is invaluable, but most importantly he taught me how to zealously advocate for my client.

The clinical staff provided me with integral hands-on support and set the standard of how a legal office should operate.

The clinic provided me with a unique responsibility and authority through a student practice order that no other law school experience can provide. Throughout my time in the clinic, I conducted several depositions, client meetings, and a settlement conference.

Most importantly, the clinic provided me with the opportunity to work for clients who truly need legal assistance and who genuinely appreciate all of the work that the clinic supplies.

Overall, the clinic prepared me for the legal profession and exceeded all of my law school expectations. I would recommend the Law Reform Advocacy Clinic to anyone who is interested in learning how to become a zealous advocate and who is interested in complex litigation.”

Matthew De La Torre, 2016

Youth Advocacy Clinic

“I made the decision to attend law school at Hofstra in order to gain experience as a Clinic student in the Youth Advocacy Clinic.

My time at the Clinic was unlike any other experience that I gained in law school. As a Clinic student, I had the opportunity to conduct full hearings on behalf of clients and I gained valuable experience directly advocating for our client’s interests in both Family Court and Immigration Court.

Professor Liebmann is an invaluable resource and he continues to mentor his students well beyond their time in the Clinic.

The oral and written advocacy skills that I gained from working at the Clinic helped me to obtain my Equal Justice Works Fellowship at the Children’s Law Center.

I have already utilized the knowledge that I gained as a Youth Advocacy Clinic legal intern at other legal internships and I look forward to utilizing these skills as an Attorney for the Child. I would highly recommend the Youth

Advocacy Clinic to any student who is interested in gaining practical legal experience before graduating from law school.”

Dana Dohn, 2016