Juvenile Justice Clinic Practicum

Juvenile Justice Clinic Practicum

Professors Deborah Berger and Theo Liebmann, Attorney-in-Charge
Maximum Enrollment: 8 Students

Students in the Juvenile Justice Clinic Practicum represent youth at public school suspension hearings, residency matters, and related disciplinary and special education issues over the course of the semester. After an intensive training in school discipline law at the start of the semester, students are assigned to represent youth who are being threatened by their schools with suspension, expulsion or other disciplinary consequences. Allegations against youth clients range from assault and fighting to insubordination and absenteeism. Students will handle at least two suspension hearings and will engage in client interviewing and counseling, intensive fact investigation, legal research and negotiation. Student’s representation of their clients at disciplinary hearings involves witness examinations, introduction of documentary evidence, evidentiary objections and closing arguments. Students meet regularly with supervisors for case rounds and are accompanied by a supervisor at all hearings. (2-credit course)

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