Immigration Clinic Practicum

Immigration Clinic Practicum

Professors Lauris Wren and Patrick Young
Maximum Enrollment:
8 Students
2-credit course

Students in the Immigration Clinic Practicum will represent clients on various immigration applications, including naturalization, adjustment and family petitions. Most students will be partnered with the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN), a Hempstead nonprofit.

As a prerequisite, all students in the Immigration Clinic Practicum need to have already taken Immigration Law. Additionally, students will attend a half-day training at the beginning of the semester.

Students will then be assigned to assist clients in preparing and filing immigration applications and to represent clients at immigration hearings or interviews before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Students will:

  • engage in fact-gathering and legal research to determine clients’ eligibility for relief,
  • counsel clients on whether and how to move forward with their applications,
  • prepare the applications,
  • gather the necessary supporting documentation, and, ultimately,
  • prepare clients to give testimony in front of immigration hearing officers.