Hofstra Law

Deportation Defense Clinic

Professor Alexander T. Holtzman 
Maximum Enrollment: 8 Students

The Deportation Defense Clinic at Hofstra Law provides:

  1. Client Representation: We provide full deportation defense services for clients most at-risk of deportation. The clinic defends clients in need of motions to reopen, removal orders, facing false gang allegations, and assist victims of trafficking or crime seeking relief. We provide legal screenings for relief, litigate in immigration court (such as master calendar, bond, and individual hearings), advocate with administrative agencies such as ICE and USCIS, and bring appellate litigation before the Board of Immigration Appeals and in Federal Court.
  2. Impact Litigation: We challenge policies and practices that harm the immigrant community on Long Island and in New York.
  3. Community Engagement: We advocate for human, civil, and constitutional rights for immigrant communities on Long Island and in New York through collaborations with legal service providers, legal trainings, professional development, legislative and administrative advocacy, and community organizing.