Mentoring Program

Hofstra Law is proud to announce the second year of our Alumni Mentoring program.

This initiative of the Offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services is being offered to a total of 30 second- and third-year students who have been selected through an application and interview process.

The goal is to provide participating students with an opportunity to develop productive and long-lasting relationships with Hofstra Law alumni.

The expectation is that students will gain guidance in networking and professional development, and will become better prepared for the practice of law.

Mentors may wish to introduce students to other practitioners or invite mentees to a professional event or introduce them to an exciting pro bono or bar association project.

As a graduate, you have much to offer a student, including:

  • Career advice
  • Practice area information
  • Introductions to professional organizations
  • Introductions to other practitioners
  • Invitations to professional events
  • Interview preparation suggestions
  • Instruction on appropriate professional behavior

We will support you in your mentorship role by providing introductory materials to suggest ways in which you can be an effective mentor and by maintaining regular contact with you and your student mentee.

The deadline to submit an application is Friday, September 16.  

Time Commitment

We ask that you meet with your mentee at least three or four times during the academic year (from September through March).

We suggest that you:

  • Invite your mentee to visit your place of employment.
  • Meet your mentee for coffee or lunch.
  • Help your mentee make connections in the legal community.

You may also invite your mentee to attend a CLE or professional meeting or to get involved with a pro bono or bar association project.


We will strive to match you and your mentee based on practice areas, career goals and other criteria.

It is possible, based on the student and alumni response, that pairings may not be an exact match. Should that happen, it is our hope that both you and your mentee will show some flexibility.

Feedback & Evaluation

The Law School will check in periodically with both you and your mentee to gauge progress and to offer an opportunity for sharing feedback on the program and information about the mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Schedule

You will be invited to attend two events organized by Hofstra Law during the academic year:

  • Orientation in the fall, where you will receive a proposed plan of action and meet your mentee and other participating mentors.
  • Thank You Reception in the spring, where you will have a chance to mingle with other mentors and mentees.

Program Contacts

Daphne Telfeyan, Assistant Dean for Employer Outreach, Office of Career Services

Daphne Telfeyan
Interim Assistant Dean for Career Services, Office of Career Services