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Spring 2023 Booklists

Please be advised that the list below is pending and subject to change based on updated publisher and faculty information. Check the Bookstore website at for complete up to date information.

ACCESS TO JUSTICE CHLNGD SCTY, (Law 3704), Section DLA, Professor Fisher

  1. Access To Justice, Deborah L. Rhode, 2004 Edition, ISBN 978-0195306484, Publisher: Oxford University Press
  2. Plain English for Lawyers, Richard C. Wydick, 6th Edition, ISBN 978-1531006990, Publisher: California Academic Press
  3. Rebooting Justice: More Technology, Fewer Lawyers, and the Future of LawHardcover , Benjamin H. Barton, Stephanos Bibas , 2017 Edition, ISBN 978-1594039331, Publisher: Ingram Pub

ADMIRALTY LAW, (Law 2753), Section A, Professor Frevola

  1. Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States, Cases and Materials, Robertson, Friedell, Sturley, 4th Edition, ISBN 978-1531018399, Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
  2. Statutory Supplement to Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States, David W. Robertson, Michael Sturley, and Steven F. Friedell, 4th Edition, ISBN 978-1531019679, Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

ADVANCED EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR, (Law 4702), Section A, Professors DeCarlo and Sachs

  • No textbook

ADVANCED LABOR LAW, (Law 2865), Section A, Professor Fernbach

  • Labor Law Cases and Materials, Cox, Bok, Gorman, Finkin, 17th Edition, ISBN 978-1684679812, Publisher: West Academic
  • Labor Law 2022 Statutory Appendix, Cox, Bok, Gorman, Finkin, , 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781636599434, Publisher: West Academic

ADVANCED LEGAL RESEARCH, (Law 3708), Section A, Professor Spar

  • No textbooks

ALTERNATIVES TO LITIGATION, (Law 3720), Section A, Professor Bush

  • No textbooks

ASYLUM CLINIC, (Law 5801), Section A, Professor Wren

  • AILA Asylum Primer, Dree K. Collopy, 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1573704328, Publisher: AILA Pub

BANKRUPTCY, (Law 3794), Section A, Professor Scarcella

  1. Bankruptcy: Dealing with Financial Failure for Individuals and Businesses, Epstein, Markell, Nickles & Ponoroff, 5th Edition, ISBN 9781647080723, Publisher: West Academics
  2. Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms 2022, Charles J. Tabb, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781636599229, Publisher: West Academics, Notes: He is not sure if the 2023 edition will be available for the Spring – if it is, then students should have that edition. 2023 edition will not available until May 2023

BIOTECH: LAW, REGLTN & ETHICS, (Law 3733), Section A, Professor Dunbrook

  • Biotechnology, Bioethics, and the Law, Michele Goodwin, Shine Tu, and John Paris, 2015 Edition, ISBN 978-0820559858, Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

BUSINESS & LAW OF MARIJUANA, (Law 2737), Section A, Professor Cooper

  • No textbooks

BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, (Law 4701), Section A, Professor Colombo

  1. Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations (the "Casebook"), William A. Klein, J. Mark Ramseyer, & Stephen M. Bainbridge, 10th ed., 2018 Edition, ISBN 9781683285229, Publisher: West Academic
  2. Business Associations-Agency, Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations, 2022 Statutes and Rules (the “Statutory Supplement”), Klein, Ramseyer and Bainbridge's, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781636599014, Publisher: West Academic

BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS, (Law 4701), Section B, Professor Gramitto Ricci

  • Business Organizations: A Contemporary Approach, Palmiter, Partnoy, and Pollman, 3rd Edition, ISBN 9781640202689, Publisher: West Academics

CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT, (Law 3735), Section E, Professor Braunstein

  • APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment, Kika and Conte, 4th Edition, ISBN 9781506341705, Publisher: Sage

CLINIC PRACTICUM, (Law 2751), Section A, Professor Liebmann

  • No textbook

CLINICAL BIOETHICS II, (Law 3992), Section A, Professor Dolgin

  • No textbook required. Materials will be available through TWEN.

CLINICAL PROSECUTION PRACTICUM, (Law 3820), Section A, Professor Klein

  • NY Criminal Statutes & Rules, LexisNexis, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781663326225, Publisher: LexisNexis

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, (Law 3740), Section A, Professor Fernbach

  • Getting To Yes, Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Fisher, Ury, Patton, copyright 2011 Edition, ISBN 978-0143118756, Publisher: Penguin Books

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CLINIC, (Law 5805), Section A, Professor TBD

  • TBD

COMPUTER TECHN. LEG. PRACTICE, (Law 2709), Section A, Professor Tsiforas

  • No textbook

CONFLICT OF LAWS, (Law 3755), Section A, Professor McElroy

  • No textbook

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I, (Law 3760), Section A, Professor Sample

  1. Constitutional Law, Geoffrey R. Stone, Louis M. Seidman, Cass R. Sunstein, Mark V. Tushnet, and Pamela S. Karlan, 8th Edition, Ebook ISBN: 9781454897033, Print ISBN: 9781454876670, Publisher: Aspen
  2. Constitutional Law 2022 Supplement, Geoffrey R. Stone,Louis M. Seidman,Cass R. Sunstein),Mark V. Tushnet, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781543858853, Publisher: Aspen

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I, (Law 3760), Section B, Professor Freedman

  • 1.A History of the American Constitution, Farber & Sherry, 3rd, 2013 Edition, ISBN 9780314289711, Publisher: West Academics
  • Constitutional Law, Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, Tushnet, , 8th, 2018 Edition, ISBN 9781454876670, Publisher: Aspen
  • Constitutional Law 2022 Supplement, Stone, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781543858853, Publisher: Aspen

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I, (Law 3760), Section C, Professor Sample

  1. Constitutional Law, Geoffrey R. Stone, Louis M. Seidman, Cass R. Sunstein, Mark V. Tushnet, and Pamela S. Karlan, 8th Edition, Ebook ISBN: 9781454897033, Print ISBN: 9781454876670, Publisher: Aspen
  2. Constitutional Law 2022 Supplement, Geoffrey R. Stone,Louis M. Seidman,Cass R. Sunstein),Mark V. Tushnet, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781543858853, Publisher: Aspen

CONSUMER TRANSACTIONS, (Law 3773), Section A, Professor Silber

  1. Consumer Law, Cases and Materials, Pridgen, Sovern and Peterson, 5th Edition, ISBN 978-1642423099, Publisher: West Academic
  2. Selected Consumer Statutes, 2019 (Selected Statutes), , 2019 Edition, ISBN 978-1642423082

CONTRACTS, (Law 1705), Section A, Professor Neumann

  1. Cases, Problems & Materials on Contracts, Whaley & Horton, 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1543802498, Publisher: Aspen
  2. Rules of Contract Law, Knapp, Crystal & Prince, 2019 Edition, ISBN 978-1454894520, Publisher: Aspen
  3. Photocopy materials
  4. Recommended: Contracts: Examples and Explana­tions, Blum, 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1543807639, Publisher: Aspen

CONTRACTS, (Law 1705), Section B, Professor Baaij

  • Cases and Materials on Contracts, E. Allan Farnsworth et al., 9th ed., 2019 Edition, ISBN 9781634606530, Publisher: West Acad

CONTRACTS, (Law 1705), Section C, Professor Lyman

  1. Contracts: Transactions and Litigation (5th Edition), Kuney and Lloyd, 5th Edition, ISBN 9781684674558, Publisher: West Acad
  2. Selections for Contracts 2021, Farnsworth, Sanger et al, 2021 Edition, ISBN 9781636593814, Publisher: West Acad
  3. Examples and Explanations: Contracts, Brian Blum, 8th Edition, ISBN 9781543807639, Publisher: Aspen

COPYRIGHT, (Law 3778), Section DLA, Professor Manta

  • COPYRIGHT IN A GLOBAL INFORMATION ECONOMY, Julie Cohen et al., 5th, 2020 Edition, ISBN 978-1543813623

CORPORATE COMPLIANCE & ETHICS, (Law 2738), Section A, Professor Black

  • The Law of Governance,Risk Management and Compliance, Geoffrey Parsons Miller, 3rd Edition, ISBN 978-1543812763, Publisher: Aspen

CORPORATE FINANCE, (Law 2807), Section A, Professor Greenwood

  1. Corporate Finance, Bratton, ISBN 978-1684679270
  2. Business Organization and Finance, Klein, ISBN 978-1599414492

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SEMINAR, (Law 2810), Section A, Professor Gramitto Ricci

  • Citizen Capitallism: How a Universal Fund Can Provide Income and Influence to All, Lynn Stout, ISBN 9781523095650, Publisher: Penguin Random House

CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLINIC, (Law 5800), Section A, Professor Nevins

  • Criminal Law Handbook of the State of NY, LexisNexis, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781663332424, Publisher: LexisNexis

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE I, (Law 4751), Section A, Professor Malave

  • Criminal Procedure: Cases and Materials, Lee & Richardson, 3rd Edition, ISBN 9781647086183, Publisher: American Casebook Series

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE I, (Law 4751), Section B, Professor Klein

  • Basic Criminal Procedure, Kamisar, 15th Edition, ISBN 978-1683289890, Publisher: West Academic

CRIMMIGRATION LAW, (Law 2815), Section A, Professor Gaudio

  • Crimmigration Law, César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, 2nd Edition, ISBN 9781641059459, Publisher: ABA
  • Immigration and Nationality Act (hard copy or electronic), Notes: Available on government website
  • Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations (hard copy or electronic), Notes: Available on government website
  • Other materials will be distributed in hard copy or electronically.

DEPORTATION DEFENSE CLINIC, (Law 5811), Section A, Professor Holtzman

  • No textbook

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, (Law 3792), Section A, Professor Barron

  • Domestic Violence Law, Lemon, 5th Edition, ISBN 978-1683289142, Publisher: West Acad

EMPLOYMENT DISCRIM LAW, (Law 3806), Section A, Professor Damiano

  • Employment Discrimination, Procedure, Principles and Practice , Joseph Seiner, 2nd, 2019 Edition, ISBN 9781543800920, Publisher: Aspen

ENVIRONMENTAL DIS RESOLUTION, (Law 2728), Section E, Professor Siegel

  • Common Ground on Hostile Turf: Stories from an Environmental Mediator, Lucy Moore, 2013 Edition, ISBN 9781610914116, Publisher: UCP

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, (Law 3812), Section A, Professor Esterman

  • Environmental Law and Policy Concepts and Insights Series, Salzman and Thompson, 5th Edition, ISBN 978-1683287902, Publisher: West Acad

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION, (Law 2524), Section A, Professors Folami and Saleem

  • No textbook

ETHICS IN CRIMINAL ADVOCACY, (Law 2786), Section A, Professor Yaroshefsky

  • No textbook

EVIDENCE, (Law 4761), Section A, Professor Krieger

  1. Problems in Evidence, Robert Mosteller, Paul C. Gianneelli, Liesa Richter, and Kenneth Broun, 6th Edition, ISBN 978-1683281849, Publisher: West Acad
  2. McCormick on Evidence, Robert Mosteller, et al., 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1684674763, Publisher: West Acad
  3. Federal Rules of Evidence 2022, Christopher B.Mueller& Laird C. Kirkpatrick, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9798886140705, Publisher: Aspen

EVIDENCE, (Law 4761), Section B, Professor Caffarone

  • Evidence, George Fisher, 3 rd Edition, ISBN 978-1609300609, Publisher: West Acad, Notes: Waiting to hear from prof. Caffarone 4th edition available ISBN: 9781640201606

EXPERT WITNESS - HOMICIDE, (Law 2985), Section A, Professor Kessler

  • Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, Saferstein, 13th Edition, ISBN 978-0135218310, Publisher: Pearson

EXPERT WITNESS IN CIVIL CASES, (Law 3601), Section DLA, Professor Freedman

  • Effective Expert Testimony, David Malone and Paul Zwier, 3rd Edition, ISBN 9781601563408, Publisher: Aspen

EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR, CIVIL, (Law 2506), Section A, Professors DeCarlo and Sachs

  • No textbook

EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR, CRIMINAL, (Law 2507), Section E, Professor Klein

  • No textbook

EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR, JUDICIAL, (Law 2520), Section DLA, Professor Fisher

  • No textbook

EXTERNSHIP SEM, LABOR & EMPLOY, (Law 2526), Section A, Professor Fernbach

  • No textbook

EXTERNSHIP SEMINAR, MATRIMONL, (Law 2523), Section A, Professor Maffei

  • No textbook

EXTERNSHIP, LABOR & EMPLOYMENT, (Law 3833), Section A, Professor Fernbach

  • No textbook

FAMILY LAW, (Law 3831), Section DLA, Professor Schepard

  • Work of the Family Lawyer, Robert E. Oliphant & Nancy Ver Steegh, 5th Edition, ISBN 978-1543804539, Publisher: Aspen

FAMILY LAW, (Law 3831), Section A, Professor Stark

  • Family Law: Cases, Text, Problems, Ellman et al., 2014 Abridged 5th Edition, ISBN 978-1 5310 21665, Publisher: Carolina Academics

FAMILY LAW PRACTICUM, (Law 3817), Section A, Professors Meller and Ombres

  • No textbook

FED INCOME TAXATION OF CORPS, (Law 3785), Section A, Professor Galler

  • Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations, Lathrope, 2023 Edition, ISBN 978-1685614386, Publisher: West Acad
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation, Schwarz and Lathrope, 10th Edition, ISBN 978-1642428780, Publisher: West Acad

FED INCOME TAXATION OF INDVDLS, (Law 4805), Section A, Professor Gans

  • Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, Lind Lathrope and Field, 20th Edition, ISBN 978-1685611927, Publisher: West Acad

FEDERAL TAX CLINIC PRACTICUM, (Law 2864), Section A, Professor Caserta

  • No textbook

FEDERAL TAX PROCEDURE, (Law 2843), Section E, Professor Caine

  • No textbook

GLBL FINTECH LAW & POLICY, (Law 2601), Section DLE, Professor Lee

  1. FinTech: Law and Regulation, Madir, Jelena, 2nd Edition, Ebook ISBN: 9781800375956, Print ISBN: 9781800375949, Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
  2. Anti-Money Laundering Regulation and Compliance, Alexander Dill, 2021 Edition, Ebook ISBN: 9781788974844, Print ISBN: 9781788974837, Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
  3. Global Payments, Carol Coye Benson, 2020 Edition, ISBN 978-0982789766, Publisher: Glenbrook Partners
  4. Recommended: Payments Law In a Nutshell, Matthews, 2nd Edition, ISBN 9780314290311, Publisher: West Academic

GLOBAL COMPLIANCE IN DGTL AGE, (Law 2724), Section A, Professor Kriftcher

  • No textbook

HEALTH LAW, (Law 3844), Section A, Professor Jakimo

  • Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, Abridged , Clark, 9th Edition, ISBN 9781684677122, Publisher: American Casebook Series

INTELLECT PROPERTY COLLOQUIUM, (Law 2720), Section A, Professor Manta

  • No textbook

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SURVEY, (Law 3871), Section A, Professor Platt

  • No textbook

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRANS, (Law 2876), Section E, Professor Baaij

  • International Business Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials, Daniel C. K. Chow, Thomas J. Schoenbaum, 5th ed., 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781543858778, Publisher: Aspen

INTERNATIONAL LAW, (Law 3881), Section A, Professor Stark

  • International Law: Cases and Commentary, Janis, Noyes, and Sadat, 5th ed. Edition, ISBN 978-1642425864, Publisher: West Academics

INTRO TO AMER LGL SYS PRT I, (Law 2521), Section E, Professor Ku

  • No textbook

INTRO TO ASSET MGT LGL & COMPL, (Law 2735), Section DLE, Professors Kutner and Mastronardi

  • No textbook

LAW AND MEDICINE, TOGETHER, (Law 2957), Section A, Professor Mondesir

  • No textbook

LAWYERS AS LEADERS, (Law 3606), Section A, Professor Folami

  • No textbook

LAWYERS' ETHICS, (Law 2897), Section A, Professor Yaroshefsky

  • Regulation of Lawyers, Gillers, 12th Edition, ISBN 9781543825862, Publisher: Aspen

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section A1, Professor Colesanti

  • Oral Advocacy: Style and Substance, J. Scott Colesanti, 2017 Edition, ISBN 978-1531005627, Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section A2, Professor Greene

  • Same as Fall semester andIntroduction to Advocacy: Research, Writing and Arguments, , 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1609303082, Publisher: West Acad

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section B1, Professor Franzella

  • Same as Fall for L1720

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section B2, Professor Weintraub

  • Same as Fall +Introduction to Advocacy: Research, Writing and Arguments

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section C1, Professor Stein

  • Same as Fall +Introduction to Advocacy: Research, Writing and Arguments, , 8th Edition, ISBN 978-1609303082, Publisher: West Acad

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section C2, Professor McElroy

  • Same as Fall for L1720

LEG. ANALYSIS WRTG. & RES. II, (Law 2783), Section D, Professor White

  • Same as Fall for L1720

LEGAL INTRVWG COUNSLNG & NGTN, (Law 2906), Section A, Professor Sethi

  1. Lawyers and Clients: Critical issues in Interviewing andCounseling, Steven Ellmann et al., 2009 Edition, ISBN 978-0314235312, Publisher: West Acad
  2. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Fisher & Ury, ISBN 978-0143118756, Publisher: Penguin Random House

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 1, Professor Lefton

  • No textbook

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 2, Professor Louis

  • No textbook

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 4, Professor Caporale

  • No textbook

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 5, Professor Caporale

  • No textbook

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 3, Professor Louis

  • No textbook

LEGAL METHODS, (Law 1750), Section 6, Professor Damiano

  • No textbook

LGL SKLLS UNDR REP FED LITIGNT, (Law 2741), Section A, Professors Gundlach and Wong

  • No textbook

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, (Law 2920), Section E, Professor Sachs

  • No textbook

MLP PRACTICUM, (Law 2517), Section A, Professor Mondesir

  • No textbook

NATIONAL SECURITY & THE LAW, (Law 3924), Section A, Professor Sinha

  • National Security Law, Stephen Dycus, William C. Banks, Peter Raven-Hansen, Stephen I. Vladeck, 7th Edition, ISBN 978-1543806793, Publisher: Apen

NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONS, (Law 2918), Section A, Professor Silber

  • No textbook

PATENT LAW, (Law 2921), Section A, Professor Richetti

  • Patent Law and Policy, Robert Patrick Merges,John Fitzgerald Duffy, 8th Edition, ISBN 9781531011758, Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

PERSP LEGAL ANALYSIS & WRITING, (Law 3930), Section A, Professors Lefton, Caporale and Louis

  • No textbook

PERSP LEGAL ANALYSIS & WRITING, (Law 3930), Section B, Professors Lefton, Caporale and Louis

  • No textbook

PERSP LEGAL ANALYSIS & WRITING, (Law 3930), Section E, Professors Lefton, Caporale and Louis

  • No textbook

PLCY & BUS OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES, (Law 2740), Section A, Professor Shipkevich

  • No textbook

PRE-TRIAL I: WRITTEN DISCOVERY, (Law 2821), Section DLA, Professors Gundlach and Stein

  • No textbook

PRE-TRIAL II:DEPOSITIONS PRACT, (Law 2829), Section DLA, Professor McElroy

  • No textbook

PRE-TRIAL III DRFT &ARG SJ MTN, (Law 2730), Section DLA, Professor Stein

  • No textbook

PRETRIAL SKILLS, (Law 3935), Section E, Professor Cozzens

  • No textbook

PRO BONO PRACTICE SEMINAR, (Law 5911), Section E, Professor Gundlach

  • No textbook

PROPERTY, (Law 1730), Section B, Professor Ostrow

  • Property Law, Dukeminier and Krier, 9th Edition, ISBN 9781454881995, Publisher: Aspen

PROPERTY, (Law 1730), Section A, Professor Sinha

  • Property Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspectives , Jerry L. Anderson and Daniel B. Bogart, 2nd Edition, ISBN 978-1454897897, Publisher: Aspen

PROPERTY, (Law 1730), Section C, Professor Hickey

  • Property, Dukeminier Krier Alexander, Schill and Strahilevitz, 9th Edition, ISBN 978-1454881995, Publisher: Aspen

RACE AND THE LAW, (Law 3911), Section A, Professor Malave

  • The Derrick Bell Reader (Critical America, 75), Richard Delgado, 2005 Edition, ISBN 978-0814719701, Publisher: NY University Press Classics

REAL TIME LAWYERING: GRND JURY, (Law 2505), Section A, Professors Barron, Hickey, McGuire and Sullivan

  • No textbook

SECURITIES REGULATION, (Law 3964), Section A, Professor Colesanti

  • Securities Regulation/Statutory Supplement, Choi & Pritchard, 2022 Edition, ISBN 978-1636598970, Publisher: West Acad

SEL PROBLEMS NY CIVIL PRACTICE, (Law 3969), Section E, Professor Knobel

  1. New York Practice, Siegel, David, 6th Edition, ISBN 978-1642421064, Publisher: West Academics
  2. CPLR, Looseleaf, 2019 Edition, ISBN 978-0930137120, Publisher: Looseleaf
  3. Civil Litigation in New York, Oscar Chase, 7th Edition, ISBN 978-1531013462, Publisher: LexisNexis
  4. NY Practice 2022 Supplement, Siegel, 8th 22 Edition, ISBN 9781685613860, Publisher: West Acad
  5. NY Practice Pocket Part July 2022, Siegel, 2022 Edition, ISBN 9781731930750, Publisher: Thomson Reuters

SPANISH FOR LAWYERS, (Law 2984), Section A, Professor Wong

  • No textbook

VETERANS LEGAL CLINIC, (Law 5810), Section A, Professor Kubek

  • Essential Lawyering Skills, Krieger, 6th Edition, ISBN 978-1543808889, Publisher: Aspen

WILLS,TRUSTS AND ESTATES, (Law 4837), Section A, Professor Folami

  • Wills, Trusts and Estates, Sitkoff and Dukeminier, 11th Edition, ISBN 9781543824469, Publisher: Aspen

YOUTH ADVOCACY CLINIC, (Law 5802), Section A, Professor Liebmann

  • 2022 NY State Juvenile Rights Practice Handbook, NY State, 2022 Edition, ISBN 978-1608850112, Publisher: Blue 360 Media