Dispute Resolution Society

President: Christina Pingaro
Vice President, Internal Competitions: Aly Feliciano
Vice President, External Competitions: Robert Volynsky
Director of Marketing & Operations: Jessica Feldman
Training & Development Coordinator: Matthew Kelly
Secretary: Peter Guinnane
Treasurer: Silvia Stanciu

The Hofstra Law Dispute Resolution Society is an organization which aims to advance students’ ability to negotiate, arbitrate and mediate through seminars and competition. With the DRS, students can learn essential skills that will most certainly be utilized when they enter the workforce. Because the DRS has little to do with court proceedings, it allows law students to work actively with the opposing party to come to an equitable solution. It drives students to use their ingenuity to resolve problems in unique, creative and original fashion. The DRS not only teaches students critical lawyering skills, but it also enhances the value of their legal education.