Moot Court Board

President & EIC: Melissa Cefalu
Vice President: Kelly McGowan
Co-Managing Ed.: Stephen Atwell
Co-Managing Ed.: Damian Racanelli
Assoc. Ed.: Matthew Lavoie
Assoc. Ed.: Brendan Friedman
Dir. Compet.: Paul Liggieri
Dir. Staff/Bus. Aff: Brittany Johnson
Dir. Alumni Aff.: Hanaiya Gholson
Dir. Tech. Soc.Med: Cass Sanford

The Moot Court Board is a student-run organization that is dedicated to the development of students’ written and oral appellate advocacy skills. The board administers two intramural competitions each year, through which members of the board are selected. The fall semester competition is open to upper-class students and transfer students; the spring semester competition is open to first-year students. Board members help prepare competitors for oral argument and conduct practice rounds leading up to the competition; board members also serve as judges for the preliminary rounds of the competitions. The final round of each competition is adjudicated by a panel of distinguished judges and appellate practitioners. The board also plays an important part in Hofstra Law’s interscholastic moot court competition program. The board helps organize tryouts each fall for the selection of students to represent Hofstra Law in regional, national and international moot court competitions against other law schools. Board members also assist in the faculty-taught Advanced Appellate Skills seminar, which is designed exclusively for students who are selected from those tryouts — largely from board membership — to represent Hofstra Law in interscholastic competitions.