Upper Division

Administrative Law — Professor Sample

Advanced Externship Program — Professor Gundlach

Advanced Labor Law — Professor Fernbach

Advanced Legal Research — Professor Spar

Alternatives to Litigation — Professor Bush

Applied Evidence: Evidentiary Oral Argument in Trial Courts — Professor Barron

Bankruptcy — Professor Scarcella

Business Drafting Seminar — Professor Platt

Business Organizations — Professor Greenwood

Clinic Prosecution Practicum — Professor Klein

Collective Bargaining — Professor Fernbach

Conflict of Laws — Professor McElroy

Constitutional Law I — Professor Friedman

Constitutional Law II — Professor Freedman

Constitutional Law II — Professor Sample

Consumer Transactions — Professor Silber

Corporate Compliance and Ethics — Professor Black

Criminal Justice Clinic — Professor Nevins

Criminal Procedure I — Professor Klein

Disability Law — Professor Gundlach

Domestic Violence Seminar — Professor Barron

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts, Statutes, and Other Governing Provisions — Professor Neumann

Environmental Dispute Resolution — Professor Siegel

Environmental Law — Professor Esterman

Ethics in Criminal Advocacy — Professor Yaroshefsky

Evidence — Professor Krieger

Externship Program, Criminal Law — Professor Klein

Family Law — Professor Stark

Federal Courts — Professor Sample

Federal Income Taxation of Corporations — Professor Galler

Federal Tax Procedure — Professor Koch

Intellectual Property Survey — Professor Platt

International Business Transactions — Professor Neumann

International Commercial Arbitration — Professor Russo

International Human Rights Law Seminar — Professor Stark

Law and Psychiatry — Professor Wolf

Lawyers’ Ethics — Professor Liebmann

Lawyers’ Ethics — Professor Yaroshefsky

Legal Analysis Writing and Research II — Professor Caffarone

Legal Interviewing Counseling and Negotiation — Professor Sethi

Medical Malpractice — Professor Burdo

Medicare and Medicaid Law — Professor Weintraub

Mental Health Issues in Criminal Justice System — Professor Horowitz

Nonprofit Corporations — Professor Silber

Organized Crime and the Response of Government — Professor Schoen

Patent Law — Professor Richetti

Products Liability — Professor Lukeman

Representing Health Care Providers — Professor Ostrow

Secured Transactions — Professor Hamroff

Securities Arbitration — Professor Sabino

Securities Regulation — Professor Colesanti

Sexuality Gender and the Law — Professor Gulley

The Jury — Professor Klein

The Practical Aspects of Being a Lawyer — Professor Meyer

Transnational Law — Professor Hickey

Trial Techniques — Professor Barron

Voting Rights and Election Law — Professor Emery

Wills, Trusts and Estates — Professor Cooper