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An illustration of people wearing facemasks
Icon of a Mask


Masks must cover your nose AND mouth.

Icon for Six Feet Between People


Keep at least six feet between you and other people whenever possible.

Icon for Health Screenings


Complete a four-question health survey via the University portal before coming to campus or attending class.

Icon for No Food


Please eat or drink outside of the law school building or at one of the University’s dining locations.

Icon of Hand Washing


Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent illness. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water often. If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer.

Icon for Do Not Crowd the Hallways


Class times have been staggered so that there is no need to gather in the hallways before class. Remember to keep at least six feet between you and others.

Icon of Directional Arrows


Please follow directional signage in buildings to create a unified flow, use the appropriate entry and exit doors, and refrain from moving furniture.

Icon to Limit Elevators to Two People


Consider using the stairs if you are able to do so.

Icon of a Sick Person


Under no circumstances should you come to campus if you feel unwell.

Hofstra Law’s Reopening Plan

The Basics

  • You must wear a mask in all campus buildings, including residence halls, except for your own room, suite, or office. Masks will also be required outdoors when six feet of physical distance is not possible.
  • Keep at least six feet between you and other people whenever possible. Classrooms and public spaces will be reconfigured to ensure distancing.
  • All students and employees must answer a four-question screening via portal or smartphone app before coming to campus or attending class.

Visit Hofstra’s Safe Start website for more information on the University’s reopening plan.

Hofstra Safe Start

Health and Wellness

  • Daily Health Screenings: Students and employees will have to answer three questions before coming to campus or attending class. The online screening will be available via portal and a smartphone app.
  • Testing and Tracing: Working with Northwell Health, our partner in the Zucker School of Medicine and the School of Nursing, the University has built an extensive COVID-19 testing program that goes beyond what the CDC has recommended for college campuses. Learn more about testing and tracing protocols.
  • Student Health and Counseling services will be mostly by appointment only. Students seeking health services should call 516-463-6745 for telemedicine triage, during which they will be given further instructions and an appointment for in-person services if necessary. Appointments can also be made through the Hofstra portal.

In the Classroom

  • All classes will be conducted under physical distancing guidelines. This means that all students must sit at least six feet apart, in every direction, and all students and faculty must wear face masks while in the Law School building.
  • We have redesigned the course calendar so that all first-year courses will be delivered in-person with small sections of 40-45 students. Students will take all of their classes with the same section for the entire semester, which will help develop stronger connections with their fellow students and faculty. It will also limit their exposure to other students during class time.
  • All first-year classes will be staggered in their start and end times so that no first-year class will start or end at the same time. This is intended to lessen hallway crowding and help students maintain social distancing outside of class.
  • Upper-level classes will be a mixture of in-person and online classes, with classes of 25 students or less meeting in-person in most cases. This was determined based on room availability, as well as safety and physical distancing guidelines.
  • If a student has an illness or health concerns that prevent them from attending a class in-person — including first-year classes — they will be permitted to attend class "remotely" via new lecture capture technology being installed in all of our Law School classrooms.

Hofstra Law Attendance Policy
and Final Exams

Please note that the Law School requires attendance for all classes as outlined in our policy in the Student Handbook. You are required to attend classes regularly whether you are participating in-person or remotely. Attendance credit will not be given for students who fail to attend the live class session (either remotely or in-person), even if that student reviews a recording of that class session. 

All exams, both first-year and upper-level, will take place at the same times and days set forth on the exam schedule. First-year students will take their exams in-person on campus as scheduled. We will now administer all upper-level Law School exams online with the same remote-proctoring technology recently used to administer the New York and other state bar examinations. Any first-year students who are taking all of their classes remotely, however, should contact Dean of Students Lisa Monticciolo to determine if any accommodation is appropriate or necessary.

Law Library

  • The law library will only be open to members of the Hofstra community.
  • Study spaces will be reconfigured to comply with physical distancing guidelines
  • We are also working on creating space in the library for students who need to take their online classes in the Law School.
  • The University will be building an outdoor tent close to the Law School that can be used for studying and taking classes online.
  • The law library will be closed every night from 3-7 a.m. for cleaning.

Safety and Cleaning

  • The Law School classrooms and building spaces will be reconfigured to comply with physical distancing guidelines.
  • The building, including classrooms, will be cleaned each night from midnight-8 a.m. using electro-static disinfectant sprayers.
  • Custodial staff will clean high-touch areas throughout the day. The Custodial Operations staff uses disinfectant wipes and sprays that are approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill the COVID-19 virus.
  • Each classroom will have disinfectant wipes available so that individuals can clean their area.
  • Plexiglass barriers to separate faculty and students will be available for the classroom.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be added throughout the Law School building, and at each building entrance.
  • Ventilation units will be running 24/7 and will circulate air from the outside. Ventilation has also been upgraded with MERV 13 filters, which are used in hospitals.

Learn more about Hofstra’s enhanced cleaning protocols on the Safe Start website.