Online Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy


Our 25-credit-hour online program sets the standard for health law education.

Upon graduation, you should know how to:

  • Draw from your broad understanding of the critical issues shaping health care policy and practice.
  • Demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of policy and utilize the law to navigate legislation, advocate, innovate and create change.
  • Communicate and skillfully articulate health care concepts in legal context.
  • Leverage your confidence as a critical thinker, writer and speaker in the health law realm.
  • Collaborate with health care professionals and gain respect as someone who understands how the two diverse fields of health and law are interconnected.

Program Schedule


  • Course 1
    • Course Start: May 1 
    • Course End: June 18
  • Course 2
    • Course Start: June 26
    • Course End: August 13
    • LAW 3503 Health Law and Policy Capstone will run May 1 - August 13.

FALL 2023

  • Course 1
    • Course Start: August 28
    • Course End: October 15
  • Course 2
    • Course Start: October 23
    • Course End: December 10
    • LAW 3503 Health Law and Policy Capstone will run August 28 - December 10.

Course Offerings

Offering Name Credits
LAW 2993: Introduction to the American Legal System 2
LAW3734: Bioethics and the Law 3
LAW 2832: Law of Medical Product Discovery, Development and Commercialization 2
LAW 3500: Business Transactions in Healthcare 3
LAW 2855: Public Health Law, Policy and Ethics 2
LAW 2511: The ADA: Statutory Interpretation 3
LAW 2491: Representing Healthcare Providers 2
LAW3502: Healthcare Compliance 3
LAW 3503: Health Law and Policy Capstone 5

Note: The Law School reserves the right to adjust class offerings and/or schedules.