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Center for Applied Legal Reasoning

Center for Applied Legal Reasoning

Center Director and Contact:
Stefan Krieger, Professor of Law and Director Emeritus of Clinical Programs

The Center for Applied Legal Reasoning is a forum for studying theories of legal reasoning, researching issues related to the solving of legal problems, decision-making in practice, and the development of pedagogies to train law students for the practice of law.

The Center’s approach is multi-disciplinary and focuses on the fields of cognitive science, educational psychology, computing and communications, as well as traditional jurisprudence. Research in the Center focuses on the use of both quantitative and qualitative empirical methods for exploring theories of legal problem solving, expertise and pedagogy.

The Center explores the storage, sharing and optimal use of information, data and knowledge for legal problem solving in action. In addition, the Center studies informatics issues raised by computer-based legal research, skills training and problem-based learning in law school curricula, and legal reasoning and communication strategies used by expert attorneys in practice.