Academic Resources

Student Complaint Procedures

Hofstra Law is subject to the American Bar Association’s Standards for Approval of Law Schools. Those Standards may be found on the ABA’s website.

Any student at the Law School who wishes to bring a formal complaint to the Administration about a significant problem that directly implicates the Law School’s program of education and its compliance with the ABA standards should take the following steps:

  1. All complaints should be submitted in writing either by hand or by email to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or via email to
  2. The writing should describe in detail the nature of the complaint and demonstrate how it implicates the Law School’s program of education and the Law School’s compliance with a particular identified ABA standard.
  3. The writing must provide the name of the student submitting the complaint, the student’s official Hofstra University email address and a phone number for further communication about the complaint.

The complaint will be acknowledged via email or phone with in three (3) business days of receipt. Within 10 business days of acknowledgement of the complaint, the Dean or the Dean’s designee shall either meet with the complaining student or respond to the substance of the complaint in writing.

In the response, the student will receive either a substantive response to the complaint or information about what steps are being taken by the Law School to address or further investigate the concerns raised in the complaint.

The Law School will maintain a record of all complaints in the Dean’s Office.