Immigration Law Society

President: Lindberg Hmung
Vice President: Alex Carrion
Treasurer: Jewel Cornelius

The Immigration Law Society facilitates the outreach and education of the Hofstra Law School community in immigration, migration and employment migration laws and practices. The ILS fosters the involvement in pro bono activities on behalf of the immigrant community. The ILS enhances the Hofstra Law community’s understanding of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It promotes networking of Hofstra students among alumni, practitioners and politicians that deal with immigration law. The ILS assists and introduces Hofstra Law students to immigration law through engagement among experts, current practitioners and members of the international law community that deal with immigration law.

We are a professional organization seeking to pique interest in immigration law, assist students interested in careers in immigration law in expanding their skills, and provide networking opportunities by building connections with immigration attorneys in the area. We aim to do this by providing an open forum on recent immigration laws both in person during meetings and through constant Facebook and TWEN discussion, as well as hosting a career panel in the fall about various jobs in immigration law. We also seek to inspire interest in immigration by arranging educational field trips to historical places which have a strong backbone immigration.