Become a Dean's Circle Protégé Member

Graduates of the last 10 years are invited to become a “Protégé” member of the Dean’s Circle. Join today!

Make an Impact

Support the Maurice A. Deane School of Law and help increase alumni participation in the Annual Fund. Graduates of the last 10 years are invited to become a “Protégé” member of the Dean’s Circle at a special reduced giving level.

As a Protégé member, you receive the full benefits available to Dean’s Circle donors — alumni and friends of Hofstra Law who give $1,000 and above — but at special reduced giving levels that start at just $100 a year for our most recent graduates.

The Annual Fund Supports:

  • Scholarships
  • Student Organizations and Services
  • Clinics
  • Academic Programs
  • Skills Training
  • Special Lectures
  • The Law Library
  • Improvements to the Law School Building

Protégé Giving Levels

2010-2013 $100 Under $10/month
2007-2009 $250 Under $25/month
2004-2006 $500 Under $50/month

Benefits for All Protégés

  • Free or reduced admission to Recent Alumni events
  • Invitations to Protégé networking events 
  • Thank you gift
  • Recognition in the Donor Report and in the Law School Atrium

Donate Now!

2012-2013 Protégé Donors

We thank these generous Protégé Donors who joined for the 2012-2013 year.

Jeanne Cho ’03
Gina Danetti ’03
Dayna Shillet ’03
Katherine Rouse Dieterich ’05*
Thelma Louise Jones ’05*
Steve Sachs ’05
Mary I. Bresnan ’06*
Ricardo Guzman ’06*
Theresa A. Harris ’06
David Kleinman ’06*
Franca Sachs ’06
Elyse Stern ’06
Karen Baswell ’07*
Seth Presser ’07*
Terrence Tarver ’07*
YuhTyng Tsuei ’07*
Paul Weber ’07*
Kerri D’Ambrosio ’08
Gariel Nahoum ’08
JoAnna Nicholson ’08
Eric Schwitzer ’08*
Daniel Patrick Vaillant ’08
Lynda Madera Vaillant ’08
Giuseppe Aguanno ’09
Joseph Bjarnson ’09
Angela Michelle Burton ’09*
Richard Facundo ’09
Nana Japaridze ’09
Leonid Krimsky ’09*
Jamie Laginestra ’09*
Timothy Schmidt ’09
Micah Greynum Snitzer ’09*
Andrea Jill Caruso ’10
Paul J. Edelson ’10*
Brenda Giuliano ’10
Evan Gotlob ’10*
Stephen A. Lampo ’10
Frank A. Mazzagatti ’10
Bryan Arbeit ’11
Anthony Autar ’11
Chris Paul Hampton ’11
Annette Marie Lalic ’11*
Byeongju Park ’11*
John G. Papadopoulos ’11
Ahmed Almudallal ’12
Thomas Chu ’12
Scott I. Forman ’12
Matthew Solomon ’12

*2011-2012 Inaugural Member