Disaster Recovery Clinic

Professor Benjie Louis, Attorney-in-Charge
Maximum Enrollment: 8 Students

Students in the Disaster Recovery Clinic provide legal help to people suffering in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in Long Island and the Rockaways.

We anticipate that in the fall 2014 semester we will have 8 students, who will be led by Professor Louis.

The Clinic’s legal work includes both litigation and transactional practice.

Clients include:

  • homeowners in disputes with insurance companies;
  • individuals seeking public benefits or appealing adverse benefits determinations;
  • homeowners contracting with, or in disputes with, general contractors; and
  • nonprofits providing assistance as part of the ongoing disaster recovery effort.

Students engage in

  • client interviewing and counseling,
  • fact investigation,
  • legal research,
  • strategic decision-making,
  • document drafting,
  • negotiation,
  • written advocacy, and
  • litigation.

Because the focus of the clinic is to provide wide-ranging services to people in need, many areas of the law are relevant to the course:

  • administrative law,
  • construction law and contracts,
  • environmental law,
  • insurance law,
  • land use, and
  • property and real estate.