Leslie Margolin '80

Leslie Margolin '80

President and CEO, The Margolin Group

Leslie Margolin has dedicated her career to improving the quality and efficiency of U.S. health care, which could make her one hot political ticket given the national health care debates. Although she once aspired to become a U.S. senator, Hofstra Law Professor Eric J. Schmertz, a renowned arbitrator-mediator, sparked her interest in and insight into labor and employment law.

After earning a J.D. from Hofstra Law and an LL.M. in labor relations from New York University, Margolin worked in private practice but felt a broader calling. “In the arena of labor and employment law, things are not black-and-white,” she explains. “The work around finding a middle ground is where my passion is.”

Margolin has forged a successful career finding that middle ground for several major U.S. health care organizations, serving in senior roles at Kaiser Permanente and as president and general manager of Anthem Blue Cross, California’s largest for-profit insurer. Most recently, she launched the Margolin Group, a consultancy dedicated to creating an integrated, coalition-based system of hospitals, health plans, doctors and other medical providers throughout California. Margolin notes that many partners have already signed up because they recognize “that savings will come only when all parties are focused on achieving the same goals.” She adds, “The elegance of this strategy is that it addresses so many of the issues … that many think could be found in a government solution. Yet it comes through the competitive, innovative vibrancy of the private sector.”

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