Spring 2002 Faculty Workshop Series

Spring 2002 Faculty Workshop Series

February 13 Linda McClain, Hofstra Law School
"Unleashing or Harnessing Armies of Compassion?: Some Questions about the Place of Faith-Based Organizations in Building the Civic Capital Economy" (PDF)
February 21 Lawrence Friedman, Stanford Law School
"Doing Legal History: Some Thoughts About Method"
February 25 Bob Levy, University of Minnesota Law School
"Teaching Law Students and Judges: Rational Sentencing Policies"
March 4 Steve Gey, Florida State University Law School
"The Myth of State Sovereignty" (PDF)
March 13 Linda Bosniak, Rutgers-Camden Law School
"Constitutional Citizenship Through the Prism of Alienage" (PDF)
March 20 Paul Finkelman, Tulsa Law School & Gerald Neuman, Columbia Law School
Comments on Habeas Corpus: Rethinking the Great Writ of Liberty (NYU Press, 2002), by Eric M. Freedman (Hofstra Law)
April 11 Evelyn Brody, Chicago Kent Law School (Visiting at NYU)
"The Legal Framework For Nonprofit Organizations"
April 17 Michael Malinowski, Widener Law School (visiting at Hofstra)
"Ethical, Legal, Market and Policy Implications of Genetic Profiling in Drug Development" (PDF)
April 22 Barbara Stark, University of Tennessee Law School (visiting at Hofstra)
"Human Rights, International Adoption and Baby Girls from China in New York: A Thrice-Told Tale"

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