Law, Logic & Technology Research Laboratory

Center Director and Contact:
John Tsiforas, Director of Law & Technology, Director of Distance Education, Director of Analytics, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

Law, Logic, and Technology Research Laboratory

The Law, Logic & Technology Research Laboratory is dedicated to inventing and making available tools that make legal practice and legal education more effective and more efficient. This effort includes:

  • First, combining our logic investigations with state-of-the-art technology to create tools that can increase the efficiency of decision-making processes in society;
  • Second, creating methods for training legal decision-makers and legal practitioners, as well as researchers and students, in the use of logic skills; and
  • Third, developing management structures for coordinating teams of researchers, and for ensuring the quality of their research products.

The LLT Lab: Scientific Research at Hofstra Law SchoolArticle Introducing the LLT Lab’s Research in 2010

This article, published in December 2010, provides an overview of the LLT Lab’s methodology and then-current research.

You can download a copy of the article here (PDF).