Experiential Learning

Since our founding, Hofstra Law has been at the forefront of integrating hands-on learning into the traditional law school curriculum.

In today’s legal market, this means teaching students business development and networking skills; learning how to use technology in legal practice; and understanding the law in a global context.

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Participation in a clinic is truly a unique educational opportunity. It may well be the only occasion during a student’s law school career literally to “practice” law.

Pro Bono Work

Hofstra Law is committed to providing substantial opportunities for our students to engage in a wide range of pro bono activities during law school. Students are encouraged to get involved in one of our existing pro bono projects and we invite students to propose new ideas for pro bono projects.

Skills Courses

The skills courses are ones in which the emphasis is on active participation by the student, who performs the skill under the watchful eye of experienced faculty who give immediate and constructive critique.

Office of Experiential Programs

Whether it is during the school year or over the summer, the Office of Experiential Programs will work with you to find a setting where you can gain real-world experience under the supervision of a practicing attorney.

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