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Best Practices for Adjunct Teaching (Co-author, Book, American Bar Association, Forthcoming) (Manual).

Reassignment Under the ADA: Must an Employer Hire a Minimally Qualified Disabled Employee Over a More Qualified, Non-disabled Applicant? (Book, William S. Hein & Co., 2009) (Hardcover research guide).

Illegal Sex Discrimination or Permissible Customer Preference: Refusal to Hire and Employ Male Gynecologists (William S. Hein & Co., 2007) (Hardcover research guide).


The World is Not Flat: Expanding the Conversation to Create A Multi-dimensional Definition of Scholarship, The Second Draft (Spring, 2013)(with Iselin Gambert and Karen Thornton)

This Time It’s for Real Continued: More Ways to Use Law-Related Current Events in the Classroom, 21 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Res. & Writing 18 (2012)

This Time It’s for Real: Using Law-Related Current Events in the Classroom, 20 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Res. & Writing 1 (2011)

Using Case Synthesis to Identify Implicit Reasoning, The Second Draft (Fall, 2009)

Helping Students Understand that Effective Organization is a Prerequisite to Effective Legal Writing, 14 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing (Fall, 2006) PUBLICATIONS

Form, Substance and Personal Responsibility, The Second Draft (July, 2003)

Solid Partnerships Key in Litigation, Business Insurance (March 23, 1998)

Employee Absence Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, The Network (March - April, 1998)

Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance Against Public Policy?, CPCU Journal (Fall, 1998) (co-authored with Steven R. Goldstein) Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance Against Public Policy?,Y  (co-authored with Steven R. Goldstein)  CPCU Journal, Fall, 1998

CLE – A Reality for All Lawyers, Esq. Wires (Fall, 1998)