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The Criminal Law of Intellectual Property and Information: Cases and Materials (2d ed., forthcoming 2015) (with Geraldine Szott Moohr and Jacqueline D. Lipton).

Major Publications

Secret Jurisdiction, 65 Emory Law Journal __ (forthcoming 2016) (with Cassandra Burke Robertson).

Taking Patents, 73 Washington and Lee Law Review __ (forthcoming 2016) (with Gregory Dolin).

Hello Barbie: First They Will Monitor You, Then They Will Discriminate Against You. Perfectly., 67 Alabama Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015) (with David S. Olson).

Intellectual Property and the Presumption of Innocence, 56 William & Mary Law Review 1745 (2015).

Intellectual Property Infringement as Vandalism, 18 Stanford Technology Law Review 331 (2015) (with Robert E. Wagner).

Judging Similarity, 100 Iowa Law Review 267 (2014) (with Shyamkrishna Balganesh and Tess-Wilkinson-Ryan).

The High Cost of Low Sanctions, 66 Florida Law Review 157 (2014).

Hedonic Trademarks, 74 Ohio State Law Journal 241 (2013).

Reasonable Copyright, 53 Boston College Law Review 1303 (2012).

The Puzzle of Criminal Sanctions for Intellectual Property Infringement, 24 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 469 (2011).

  • Reprinted in 13 Internet Law & Business 293 (August 2012), in 56 Computer Law Reporter 5 (September 2012), and in Intellectual Property and Digital Content (Richard S. Gruner ed., 2013).

Privatizing Trademarks, 51 Arizona Law Review 381 (2009).

In Search of Validity: A New Model for the Content and Procedural Treatment of Trademark Infringement Surveys, 24 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 1027 (2007). 

Shorter Works & Other Media

A Sustainable Music Industry for the 21st Century, 101 Cornell Law Review Online __ (forthcoming 2015) (with Aloe Blacc & David S. Olson).

Theory and Empirics: Where Do Locke and Mossoff Leave Us, Liberty Forum, May 8, 2015, http://www.libertylawsite.org/liberty-forum/theory-and-empirics-where-do-locke-and-mossoff-leave-us/ (solicited response).

Music Streaming Demands New Wave of Licensing Rules, Chicago Tribune, Apr. 6, 2015 (op-ed) (with Aloe Blacc & David S. Olson).

Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle: Theft Law in the Information Age by Stuart Green, 4 The IP Law Book Review 11 (2014) (solicited book review).

A Horse is Not Always a Horse, of Course: A Response to Jacqueline Lipton, Law of the Intermediated Information Exchange, Florida Law Review Forum (2013), http://www.floridalawreview.com/wp-content/uploads/A-HORSE-IS-NOT-ALWAYS-A-HORSE-OF-COURSE.pdf (solicited response).

Bearing Down on Trademark Bullies, 22 Fordham Intellectual Property, Entertainment & Media Law Journal 853 (2012) (solicited symposium contribution).

Improving the Trademark Registration Process Through the Use of Private Actors, IP Osgoode Blog (Dec. 22, 2009), http://www.iposgoode.ca/2009/12/improving-the-trademark-registration-process-through-the-use-of-private-actors/ (solicited).

A Solution for Trademarks?, 27 IP Review 23 (2009) (solicited).

Missed Opportunities: How the Courts Struck Down the Florida School Voucher Program, 51 St. Louis University Law Journal 185 (2006).