International Law

In an increasingly globalized world, the study of international and foreign law subjects is increasingly vital to legal education and practice. The faculty has already recognized this reality by requiring Transnational Law in the first year, which provides a foundation for students to understand the nature and impact of international and foreign law. Almost every area of legal practice, ranging from commercial law to criminal law to family law, will have a transnational component. Understanding the way in which international and foreign law impact the practice of law is a necessary skill for any contemporary lawyer.

Some students, of course, will also seek to specialize and pursue a career focused on international law and practice. The purpose of the International Law Honors Concentration is to allow students who have such an interest to receive additional instruction and training in more advanced subject areas. Although no international lawyer can be expert in the incredibly diverse number of subjects in the field, the concentration will allow students to deepen their knowledge in at least one or two areas.

The concentration also provides a robust framework to guide students seeking to acquire the legal skills training, work experience and professional contacts that are crucial to pursuing a legal practice focusing on international law subjects.