Business Law

Business law refers to the interrelated fields that govern commercial enterprise and, in many ways, the modern economy. It concerns the creation of companies, their internal management structures, the contracts they enter into, the taxes and regulations imposed upon them by governments and even their potential demise. At times, the very future of a business or enterprise can turn on the quality and success of the attorneys representing and counseling it.

Business lawyers practice in law firms from coast to coast, both large and small. They populate the ranks of corporate in-house counsel departments, along with those of government agencies and regulatory bodies.

  • Some business lawyers pursue a transaction-focused career and concern themselves with the drafting and negotiation of contracts — from simple employment agreements to complex mergers and acquisitions deals.
  • Others pursue a litigation-oriented career, representing clients in everything from securities class actions to international commercial arbitrations.
  • Still others specialize in areas such as tax and bankruptcy.

Although business lawyers develop significant expertise over their careers, no one can master all the areas that comprise the field. But good business lawyers can recognize the issues implicated in a situation and can furnish their clients with the assistance they need.

And that is why the Business Law Honors Concentration was designed: to provide top-performing students with an education in business law that is both broad and deep — broad because it covers the foundational pillars of business law (corporate, bankruptcy and tax law) and deep because it requires students to develop a degree of additional expertise via elective course work.