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Student Staff 2018-2019

Managing Editor
Alexandra Russell
Managing Editors of Notes & Comments
Kathleen Ramirez
Managing Editors of Articles
Liza Trazzera
Notes & Comments Editor
Giuseppe Finelli
Articles Editors
Louise Lingat
Michelle Martinez
Peer Review Editor
Jessica Crimi
Executive Research Editors
Siobhan Barry
Kelly Bogart
Admir Deljanin
Ryan Rolston
Page Proof Editor
Vincent Scotti
Business Administrator
Sean Carberry
AFCC Cooperation, Alumni Relations & Event Manager
Pamela Bratton
Resource Editor
Mehrin Bakht
Associate Staff Editors
Richard Cherpak
Elyse Hennes
Krystlen Lata
Staff Editors
Sarah A. Beechay
Faith Bless
Cadine Bramwell
Taryn Caruso
Mardeline Cruz
Daniel Halbig
Amanda Hickey
Christine Irrera
Katherine Petty
Mia Anne Polizzotto

Rachel Prysner
Whitney Punzone
Trishawn Raffington
Damian Ramos
Rivka Shuter

Rainet Spence
Alexandra Svendsen
Brian Vasquez
Jennifer Vilca
Andielynn Walters