Pro Bono Scholars Program

The Pro Bono Scholars Program is an initiative of former New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman that allows students in their final year of law school to devote their last semester of study to performing pro bono legal service for impoverished clients under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

The Pro Bono Scholars Program represents a partnership among the judiciary, the law schools and the profession with the goal of revitalizing legal education to adapt to society’s changing needs.

Hofstra Law has approved our students’ participation in the program, allowing students who are accepted into the program the opportunity to spend 12 weeks of their final spring semester providing 540 hours of pro bono legal assistance.

In exchange, Pro Bono Scholars are permitted to take the New York bar exam in February and, assuming a passing score and successful completion of the Pro Bono Scholars Program and all graduation requirements, will graduate in May and be admitted to practice in New York in June of their graduating year.