Hofstra Law in D.C. (HLDC) Externship Program

The Hofstra Law in D.C. (HLDC) Externship Program provides students with an unparalleled educational opportunity by allowing them to have a total immersion and hands-on experience working in a legal setting in the nation’s capital.

HLDC students can work full-time as an unpaid legal extern at an approved congressional office or committee, federal government agency, nonprofit organization or public interest group.

During the semester, students are able to conduct research and provide advice and assistance on a wide range of legislative, legal, policy and regulatory matters under the direct supervision and guidance of an experienced attorney.

Field placements also provide opportunities for students to practice a range of practical and other advocacy skills, such as

  • drafting predictive, persuasive and/or dispositional legal memoranda;
  • conducting factual investigations;
  • participating in client interviewing, counseling and negotiations; and
  • recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas.

HLDC students also gain valuable experience and contacts, which enhances their qualifications for long-term career opportunities in public interest.

HLDC’s overarching goal is to enable students to blend their substantive doctrinal training with the development of practical skills and professional identity so that when they graduate they are better prepared to begin practicing law.

HLDC students earn 10 credits for their field placement and 3 additional credits for the required weekly seminar.

Students interested in applying to HLDC must meet all the program’s eligibility requirements, comply with all of the application procedures and submit all of the required information and materials, including any required by their prospective placements, by the required deadlines.