Stress Management Tips

Make a Weeklong Time Plan

As the semester becomes more and more packed with assignments and exam preparation, focus on a weekly time plan. Don’t forget to include non-Law School commitments on your calendar. This will help you complete your personal tasks while you maintain focus on your Law School commitments. You should devote at least two hours of preparation time to every one hour of class.

Make a Monthlong Time Plan

Using a calendar, mark off the days and times you have classes. Then mark off specific days, such as days that you will outline each course and days you will devote to legal writing. You should begin outlining your courses about one month into the semester. Updating your outlines each week will ensure that you finish them well before your final exams.

In addition, note major events on evenings and weekends. You should try to keep your schedule completely clear of these commitments as a law student. However, we understand that important things come up. If you see them, make sure to do your work well in advance of these occurrences, so you do not feel guilty that you are ignoring either them or your studies.

Stress-Reduction Tip

Plan some stress-reducing activities in your calendar. Everyone needs to take a break from studying sometimes! Make sure you stretch when you take a break. Be sure to eat well, and try to exercise regularly. Even a short walk or run will release a lot of tension. Schedule quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones — although law school may seem like a lonely endeavor, you will still need their support and their company.

Being well-prepared for your classes will help reduce stress. Don’t procrastinate — make a schedule and stick to it, and it will make your semester as stress-free as possible.