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Placement Option I

Placement Option I

Placement in an Externship Position: International

In partnership with Global Experiences Inc., the Maurice A. Deane School of Law guarantees accepted students a summer placement that specifically meets the academic conditions above in one of the following cities:

Barcelona, Spain 8 weeks June 2-July 27, 2019
Dublin, Ireland 8 weeks June 1-July 27, 2019
Florence, Italy 8 weeks May 26-July 20, 2019
London, England 8 weeks June 15-Aug. 10, 2019
Paris, France 8 weeks May 26-July 20, 2019
Sydney, Australia 8 weeks June 15-Aug. 10, 2019

Placements in Dublin, London and Sydney require no foreign language skills, but placements in Barcelona, Florence, and Paris require at least some relevant language proficiency.

Externship placements range from private law firms to nonprofit organizations to government entities.


For field placements in Dublin, London, and Sydney, the total program fee is $7,490. For field placements in Barcelona and Florence, the total program fee is $6,490.  For field placements in Paris, the total program fee is $7,990.

The total program fee for each program includes the following:

  • a customized externship placement,
  • accommodations near the externship location,
  • travel medical insurance,
  • international mobile phones,
  • visa assistance,
  • on-the-ground support,
  • guidebooks and pre-departure information,
  • social activities and excursions, and (where applicable)
  • a language immersion program.

Application Process

To apply, simply fill out the Global Legal Practice Externship Program application below, making sure to attach a cover letter and resume. The program’s steering committee will review applications and notify students directly if they are accepted for a field placement.

To confirm participation once an application is approved, students must submit a non-refundable $500 deposit, which is applied toward the total program fee amount, payable to the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. Once accepted and the deposit is received, Global Experiences Inc. will work directly with each student to find a field placement in the desired city.

Applying for and getting accepted to this program commits students to the placement process and program for the summer of 2019, which includes owing the balance of the program fee. The total program fee is billed to students in May, allowing plenty of time to pursue financial aid.

Apply now for an Option I Placement in Europe, China or Australia

The application deadline for 2L students is November 15, 2018. The application deadline for 1L students is February 1, 2019. Late applications may continue to be accepted beyond that date depending on the availability of open field placements in the desired country.