Ecuador Field Study

Ecuador Field Study

Conducted in an eco-lodge, Casa Mojanda, located in Otavalo, Ecuador, the Ecuador Field Study: Special Issues in International Environmental Law (EFS) provides students with the opportunity to observe firsthand both international environmental challenges and their management.

The EFS is a 1-credit, one-week intensive course in which the following selected international environmental law topics will be explored:

  • climate change policy responses,
  • protection of forests, and
  • the role transnational corporations play in the creation and resolution of international environmental challenges.

Further, students will learn about topics specific to Ecuador, such as the high-profile litigation against Chevron for alleged environmental and social harms in Ecuador’s Amazon region, and the rights given to nature in the new Ecuadorian constitution.

Prerequisites or Co-requisites: This course may be taken by 2L, 3L, 4L and LL.M. students, including students from other accredited law schools. There are no prerequisites or co-requisites, but International Environmental Law is suggested for Hofstra Law students.

About the Program

The Ecuador Field Study is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to dive more deeply into certain international environmental law topics than they ordinarily would in a U.S. law school classroom.

Holding the course in Ecuador, one of 17 ecologically mega-diverse countries, contributes to the richness of the classroom discussion and the experience.

Field trips and guest speakers provide authentic context for these issues. A student taking the EFS will learn about

  • the international legal framework for the protection of forests as a tool for climate change mitigation;
  • the international legal framework to protect biodiversity; and
  • the complex interactions of government, public interest organizations and corporate stakeholders inherent in the implementation of environmental policy at the national level.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore international environmental law issues in Ecuador! For further information, please contact:

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