Program Overview

Faculty and staff of the Center for Children, Families and the Law (CCFL) provide Child and Family Advocacy Fellows with mentoring and professional development opportunities throughout their three years at Hofstra Law.

Fellows are invited to attend various program events, participate in public service projects of the CCFL and meet regularly with staff, faculty, alumni and other fellows.

Fellows are able to select from several experiential opportunities in family law offered at Hofstra Law, including the Youth Advocacy Clinic, the Family Law Practicum, and the 17-A Guardianship Demonstration Project.

Students can also select from a wide range of family law courses, including Modern Divorce Advocacy, Child Abuse and Neglect, Domestic Violence, and International Family Law.

As part of the program, fellows are required to complete two 10-week summer internships after their first and second years.

Internships enable students to integrate the practical experience of full-time work with their formal legal training, and fellows have had the opportunity to work with judges, legal service organizations and district attorneys’ offices.

Program staff work together with each fellow to find an internship that will further the student′s professional goals.

Many fellows apply for staff positions on the Family Court Review after their first year and have the opportunity to publish their work in the journal.

For further information about the Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship program, please contact Lisa M. Petrocelli.