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Upper Division

Admiralty Law — Professor frevola

Advanced Tort Practice and Problems — Professor mcgrath

Animal Law — Professor gesualdi

Antitrust Law — Professor lupu

Asylum Clinic — Professor wren

Bankruptcy — Professor scarcella

Business Drafting Seminar — Professor goldberg

Business Organizations — Professor greenwood

Child Abuse and Neglect — Professor braunstein

Clinical Bioethics 1 — Professor dolgin

Constitutional Law 1 — Professor charlow

Constitutional Law 1 — Professor ku

Constitutional Law 1 — Professor sample

Copyright — Professor friedman

Criminal Justice Clinic — Professor nevins

Criminal Procedure 1 — Professor klein

Criminal Procedure II — Professor burke

Derivatives Law — Professor kalbaugh

Domestic Violence — Professor barron

Employment Discrimination Law — Professor kass

Energy Law and Policy — Professor hickey

Environmental Law — Professor kuh

Evidence — Professor kessler

Evidence — Professor krieger

Externship Program Criminal Law — Professor klein

Family Law with Skills Component — Professor difonzo and professor schepard

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals — Professor galler

Foreign Affairs and the Constitution — Professor ku

Foundational Lawyering Skills — Professor gundlach, professor neumann and professor liebmann

Global Climate Change and U.S. Law — Professor kuh

Immigration Law — Professor wren

Intellectual Property Colloquium — Professor manta

International Business Transactions — Professor neumann

International Law — Professor stark

International Transaction Skills — Professor lites

Labor Law — Professor archer

Land Use Regulation Seminar — Professor ostrow

Law and Role of In-House Counsel — Professor lampert

Law and the Brain — Professor folami

Law Practice Management — Professor rivkin

Lawyer Malpractice — Professor wasserman

Lawyers' Ethics — Professor meyer

Lawyers' Ethics — Professor yaroshefsky

Litigation Drafting Skills — Professor austin

Matrimonial Law Trial Skills — Professor barron

Mediation Principles and Practice — Professor bush

Real Estate Transactions — Professor hyman

Regulation of Securities Broker/Dealers — Professor sabino

Selected Problems in New York Civil Practice — Professor knobel

Special Problems Seminars — Professor charlow

State and Local Government Seminar — Professor ostrow

Trademarks — Professor manta

Wills, Trusts and Estates — Professor gans

Youth Advocacy Clinic — Professor liebmann