Bram D. Weber '00

Bram D. Weber '00

Partner, Weber Law Group

Bram Weber knew from a young age that he wanted to be a lawyer like his father. And growing up in Dix Hills on Long Island, he was familiar with Hofstra Law and its reputation. So when he finished his undergraduate degree, Hofstra Law was among the top law schools he looked at.

"If you're going to law school to get the degree, it's one thing. But if you go to law school to really be a lawyer and practice law, you want to go to the best school that you get into in the geographical area in which you want to practice and that also has a focus in the areas in which you want to practice as well. Hofstra Law had all of that for me," he explains. "I had college friends who were here, and I had an opportunity to come to the school to see things and meet people, to sit in classes. And I felt really comfortable at this school."

Weber initially wanted to be a corporate litigator, but an influential professor steered him toward transactional practice. And although Weber had no interest in real estate law at the time, he found his class in real property law fascinating, and after graduating and spending two years at a large Manhattan law firm, he decided to join his father in practice on Long Island. He and his father now head the Weber Law Group, a six-lawyer firm focused on real estate development, zoning and land use.

"There's absolutely nothing better than the opportunity to be responsible for your own destiny," Weber says. "But it's also an incredible challenge — and now especially, you know, real estate is certainly a challenging area within which to practice law. It gives you an appreciation for, as difficult as it is, the fact that it's really within your own control as to how well you’re going to do."

Weber is now giving new generations of law students the opportunity to take control of their destiny. He has made a point of hiring Hofstra Law students as law clerks. "As a graduate of Hofstra Law, I know the caliber of the students," he explains. "I've only hired people from Hofstra."

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