External Scholarships

Scholarships & Fellowships

Title Deadline Type
Rosenthal & Wadas, PLLC 2016-12-31 Scholarship
Chapman LLC Scholarship for Law Students 2016-11-15 Scholarship
The New York Bar Foundation Real Property Law Scholarships 2016-11-30 Scholarship
The Honorable Joel K. Asarch Elder Law and Special Needs Section Scholarship 2016-11-30 Scholarship
Farar & Lewis LLP Annual Scholarship 2017-02-05 Scholarship
Paul D. White Scholarship 2016-12-01 Scholarship
Citywide Law Scholarship 2017-03-01 Scholarship
The Phil Cowan Memorial/BMI Scholarship has 2016-12-12 Scholarship
The Expert Institute's 3rd Annual Legal Writing Scholarship 2016-12-31 Scholarship
National Business Law Scholarship 2016-12-05 Scholarship
National Tax Law Scholarship 2016-12-05 Scholarship
Law Offices of Billy Skinner Student Scholarship 2016-12-15 Scholarship
Hardy Wolf & Downing Scholarship 2017-06-30 Scholarship
Lamber Goodnow Injury Law Team Law School Scholarship 2016-12-01 Scholarship
Dukeminier Awards Student Writing Competition 2016-12-01 Writing Competition
ABA Forum on Construction Law’s Law Student Writing Competition 2017-06-05 Writing Competition
Annual Law Student Writing Competition 2017-06-15 Writing Competition
Empowering Women in Law Scholarship 2017-05-31 Scholarship
Association of Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni Writing Competition 2016-11-12 Writing Competition
Pacific Legal Foundation Law Student Writing Competition 2016 2017-01-13 Writing Competition
Barnes & Thornburg's Diversity Scholarship 2017-01-30 Scholarship
Hellenic Lawyers Association 2016-11-01 Scholarship
Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies 2016-11-07 Scholarship
The John Alexander Memorial Scholarship Fund 2016-11-15 Scholarship
Columbian Lawyers Association 2017-03-15 Scholarship
Bronx County Bar Association Scholarships 2017-02-03 Scholarship
The Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County Wallace (Wally) R. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund 2016-11-30 Scholarship
American Radio Relay League Foundation 2017-01-31 Scholarship
La Raza Lawyers Supreme Court Summer Clerkship 2017-02-01 Scholarship
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts 2017-03-31 Scholarship
An Uncommon Legacy Foundation, Inc. 2017-07-01 Scholarship
Queens County Women's Bar Association Faith O'Neal Scholarship 2016-11-01 Scholarship
Peter and Alice Koomruian Armenian Education Fund 2017-04-15 Scholarship
Kamehameha Schools Scholarship 2017-02-17 Scholarship
American Association for Justice Scholarships 2017-05-01 Scholarship
The Mark T. Banner Scholarship 2016-11-23 Scholarship
Columbian Lawyers Scholarship Corporation 2016-11-23 Scholarship
United Methodist Church Student Loan Program 2017-03-02 Scholarship
Bill Raskob Foundation, Inc. 2017-05-15 Scholarship
Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship for Graduate Studies 2017-01-05 Scholarship
Kappa Kappa Gamma Graduate Scholarships 2017-02-01 Scholarship
Harvey Fellows Program 2016-11-01 Scholarship
Feild Co-Operative Association, Inc. 2016-11-01 Scholarship
Columbian Lawyers Association Genoroso Pope Foundation Scholarship 2016-10-31 Scholarship
Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Inc. Law Student Scholarship/Bar Grant 2017-03-30 Scholarship
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest (The Ayn Rand Institute) 2017-04-28 Scholarship
Armenian General Benevolent Union Education-Scholarship program 2017-04-30 Scholarship
Armenian Professional Society 2017-07-15 Scholarship
American Association of University Women Career Development Grants 2016-11-15 Scholarship